Duchess Meghan Markle Feels 'Devastated' by Mocked Portrayal on 'South Park'


Duchess Meghan Markle Feels 'Devastated' by Mocked Portrayal on 'South Park'
Duchess Meghan Markle Feels 'Devastated' by Mocked Portrayal on 'South Park'

The latest episode of the American animated series "South Park" has sparked outrage from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, who were both featured in a mocked portrayal. The episode, titled "The Worldwide Privacy Tour," was seen as disrespectful and hurtful by the couple, who are said to be devastated by their portrayal.

"South Park" Sparks Controversy

The episode features the prince and princess of Canada, a young royal couple, who are loudly pleading for privacy while drawing attention to themselves. The red-haired prince and his wife, who is wearing the same pink outfit that Meghan wore for "Trooping the Colour" in 2018, are seen promoting the prince's book "Waaagh", which bears a strong resemblance to Harry's memoir "Spare".

At one point during the episode, the prince and his wife make an appearance on the talk show "Good Morning Canada." The two walk-in holding placards demanding privacy before sitting down to discuss the prince's new memoir.

During the talk show conversation, the host asks: "Isn't it true sir, that your questionable wife has her own TV show and hangs out with celebrities and does fashion magazines?" He adds, "Well, I just think that some people might say that your Instagram-loving b---- wife actually doesn't want her privacy." "How dare you, sir!" the prince shouts angrily.

"My Instagram-loving b---- wife has always wanted her privacy!"

Legal Ramifications in the Works

Royal commentator Neil Sean told Fox News that the couple's representatives are now closely monitoring the show for new attacks and that their lawyers plan to sue the popular series.

Sean said that there could be legal ramifications due to the latest episode of the comedy show: "Their legal team is casting an eye over the episode to see what is wrong, and what could be turned into something more sinister.

This appears to be their course of action rather than laughing it off, enjoying the moment, and showing the world that they get the joke." However, Sean did note that the creators of "South Park" have yet to receive anything.

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