Will Smith Brings Laughter to Fans with Oscar-Inspired TikTok Video

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Will Smith Brings Laughter to Fans with Oscar-Inspired TikTok Video
Will Smith Brings Laughter to Fans with Oscar-Inspired TikTok Video

Actor Will Smith made a surprise return to social media with a new post on his TikTok profile, bringing laughter to his fans with a playful joke about last year's Oscars. The video, which has received positive reactions from followers, shows Smith reflecting on a previous incident and showcasing his sense of humor.

A Hilarious Take on Last Year's Oscars Incident

The video begins with a question from a TikTok user, who describes an exercise where people ask objects for their opinions. The user explains that those who watch the video can ask a pen or their car for their opinion and then come to their own conclusion based on the impression the objects leave.

"You will get an answer in your mind from your intuition," she explains. Smith adds his reaction to the video, following the girl's instructions and reaching off-camera to show his Oscar statuette in the frame. He looks at the statue without asking it a question, bringing humor to the situation.

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Fans Show Their Love for Smith's Sense of Humor

Fans were thrilled with the short clip, with many praising the actor for being able to reflect on his past behavior with humor.

"Least he’s got a sense of humor," one person commented, while another said, "If you can't laugh at yourself right lol love it." A third fan wrote, "This has got to be the hardest flex in 2023," and someone else wrote, "Somethings are just understood." The video was considered by many to be a mock reference to the incident at last year's Oscars, where Smith was banned from participating in Oscars events for the next ten years after an unpleasant situation. Despite the ban, Smith continues to bring laughter and positivity to his fans through his social media presence.

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