Judd Apatow Ridicules Tom Cruise's Stunts at Directors Guild of America Awards


Judd Apatow Ridicules Tom Cruise's Stunts at Directors Guild of America Awards
Judd Apatow Ridicules Tom Cruise's Stunts at Directors Guild of America Awards

The Directors Guild of America Awards ceremony was held on Saturday night, and it was Judd Apatow hosted the event. However, the comedian and director did not shy away from poking fun at Hollywood star Tom Cruise. Apatow took the opportunity to mock the actor's appearance, religious beliefs, and co-parent with Katie Holmes.

Mocking Cruise's Height and Stunts

During his opening monologue, Apatow made a sarcastic comment about Cruise's height, saying that he required phone books to reach the flight controls of his jet in the upcoming film "Top Gun: Maverick".

He added that Cruise's stunts were nothing short of crazy and that he appeared alone on the wing of an airplane to hide his short stature. "He’s always jumping out of tall buildings because you can’t tell how short he is from a 100-story building.

That’s why when he’s standing on a wing of an airplane, he’s always alone. He doesn’t want anyone there next to him for scale," Apatow quipped. Apatow further joked about the actor's obsession with performing his own stunts, saying, "Every time he does one of these new stunts, it does feel like an ad for Scientology.

I mean, is that in Dianetics because there’s nothing about jumping off a cliff in the Torah?”

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Criticizing Cruise's Beliefs

In his speech, Apatow did not hesitate to criticize Cruise's beliefs.

He noted that the actor's aversion to psychiatric medication was in line with his religious views. Apatow jokingly remarked, "Tom's only fear is parenthood and anti-depressants." He further said, "Do you remember when Tom Cruise was jumping on the couch and we all thought he was crazy? Now we're watching him throw himself off a motorcycle on cliffs, and we're thinking he's fine.

No, Tom's not fine. You're 60 years old. Calm down." Although Cruise was absent from the event, the producer of "Top Gun: Maverick," Jerry Bruckheimer, was present, as was the film's director, Joseph Kosinski. However, Kosinski was reportedly unhappy with Apatow's comments about Cruise's stunts.

Despite this, Apatow's comments did not seem to detract from the excitement surrounding "Top Gun: Maverick,".The film featured breathtaking stunts and high-octane action, much of it performed by Cruise himself. Judd Apatow's speech at the Directors Guild of America Awards made headlines for his jabs at Tom Cruise.

The comedian mocked the actor's personal choices and religious beliefs, and his sarcastic comments about Cruise's height and stunts were both humorous and critical.

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