Tom Sizemore Hospitalized in Critical Condition Following Brain Aneurysm


Tom Sizemore Hospitalized in Critical Condition Following Brain Aneurysm
Tom Sizemore Hospitalized in Critical Condition Following Brain Aneurysm

American actor and producer Tom Sizemore has been hospitalized in critical condition following a brain aneurysm, his manager Charles Lago confirmed to TMZ. The actor, who had a successful acting career in the 90s and early 00s, reportedly passed out at his home in Los Angeles and was rushed to the hospital by ambulance.

Sizemore is currently in the intensive care unit, with doctors fighting for his life. Lago said that Sizemore's family is aware of his condition and is waiting for updates from medical professionals. "He is currently in critical condition and it’s a wait and see situation," Lago said.

"His family is aware and waiting for medical updates."

A History of Struggles with Substance Abuse and Legal Issues

Sizemore has long struggled with substance abuse issues and has been open about his battles in the past.

The actor has been arrested for domestic violence and drug possession, among other legal issues. His addiction struggles were so severe that he was once forced to squat in a building without electricity or running water. Despite his personal struggles, Sizemore has also been a successful actor, appearing in some of Hollywood's most popular movies, such as "Saving Private Ryan", "Born to Kill", "Black Hawk Down" and others.

However, his personal issues have often overshadowed his professional achievements.

A Difficult Road to Recovery

In a 2017 interview with The Daily Mail, Sizemore opened up about hitting rock bottom and being forced to sell his $7 million home. "My life’s gotten a lot better, it’s been a real chronicle, but I’ve got a long history of substance abuse, I was in a really bad place," Sizemore said.

"This is how f–ked up I was, I could have bought something else, like a condo or something, but I wanted a house again." Sizemore's struggles with addiction have been a long and difficult road, but he has always been honest and forthcoming about his experiences.

While he fights for his life in the ICU, fans and loved ones are hoping for a successful recovery for the talented actor.

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