George Ross Robertson Passed Away at 89

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George Ross Robertson Passed Away at 89

The entertainment industry was recently struck with sadness by the news of the passing of one of its greatest talents. George Ross Robertson, the actor fondly remembered for his role in the hit film franchise "Police Academy," passed away at the age of 89 at a Toronto hospital.

A Legacy of Artistic Accomplishments

With over 80 roles on both the big and small screen, George Ross Robertson left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. Beginning his career on the stage, he worked for over 60 years, captivating audiences with his talent and versatility.

His memorable performance in the "Police Academy" franchise remains one of his most iconic roles, showcasing his unique brand of comedy. Additionally, he played notable roles in films such as "Airport," "Rosemary's Baby," and "The Road to 9/11."

A Man of Compassion and Community Involvement

Robertson was not only known for his artistic talent but also for his compassion and community involvement.

In recognition of his efforts, he was awarded the Margaret Collier Award by the CBC in 1993 and the 19th Annual Gemini Award for Humanitarian of the Year in 2004. His family wrote in his obituary, "He leaves a legacy of many accomplishments - a splendid career in stage, films, and TV with over 80 roles on both the big and small screen, most notably the original and six sequels of Police Academy...

He was honored to win the 1993 Margaret Collier Award, awarded by the CBC, as best Canadian Writer for his outstanding body of work on film or TV and the 19th Annual Gemini Award - Humanitarian of the Year in 2004, given in honour of 'Mr.

Robertson's extraordinary compassion and community involvement (that has had) an enormous impact on the lives of children in Canada and around the world.' " Robertson's selfless actions included raising money for an orphanage in Thailand by walking an incredible distance of 527 kilometers through the southwestern region of France.

George Ross Robertson was a multi-faceted talent, who will be deeply missed by the entertainment industry and the world at large. His legacy of artistic brilliance and humanitarian efforts will continue to inspire and touch the lives of those who knew him and those who were touched by his work.