Heidi Klum Contemplating Fifth Pregnancy with Husband Tom Kaulitz

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Heidi Klum Contemplating Fifth Pregnancy with Husband Tom Kaulitz

"The Jennifer Hudson Show" recently welcomed celebrity model Heidi Klum as a guest, where she made a surprising revelation about her thoughts on parenthood. In a playful game of "Me or No," Klum candidly shared that she is considering having a fifth child, this time with her husband Tom Kaulitz.

The Model's Parenting Journey

Klum has been a proud parent to four children, who are now ages 18, 17, 16, and 13. In a lighthearted moment on the show, she mimicked a baby bump with her hands and stated, "I mean it’s a lot.

I’ve done it four times...And I breastfed eight months each time and then I was pregnant again. Three times in a row." However, despite the demanding nature of parenting, Klum revealed that she is not against the idea of having another baby.

A Mixed Bag of Emotions

When asked if she would like to have another child, Klum responded, "I waited a long time, so maybe yeah." She further stated that her answer often depends on the day, indicating that the idea of adding another member to her family is a mixed bag of emotions.

However, her answer received praise from the audience, and Jennifer Hudson responded, "OK, there we have it."

Klum's Post-Pregnancy Reflection

In August 2022, Klum celebrated her daughter Leni's departure for college by sharing a photo of herself during her pregnancy with Leni.

In the caption, she wrote, "Sometimes I wish I could always have you that close but I know it’s now time for you to go spread your wings and fly." This poignant moment seemed to have reignited Klum's desire to have another child.

First Child with Tom Kaulitz

Klum and Tom Kaulitz, who is 16 years younger than the model, have been married since February 2019. Klum has previously stated that Tom has a great relationship with her children and has even taught some of them how to drive. If Klum does decide to have a fifth child, it would be the first for her and Tom as a couple.

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