Celebrating Aire's First Birthday: Kylie Jenner Shares Touching Video Montage


Celebrating Aire's First Birthday: Kylie Jenner Shares Touching Video Montage

Reality star Kylie Jenner celebrated her one-year-old son, Aire's, first birthday by posting a touching video montage on Instagram and TikTok. The video, set to the tune of Christina Perri's rendition of "You Are My Sunshine," features never-before-seen footage of the young boy throughout his first year of life.

From Early Baby Days to Crawling: A Doting Mother's Love

In the previous video, the doting mother can be seen cradling the bundle of joy from his early baby days to being able to crawl. The video shows Aire smiling during a trip to the beach, a car ride, and more.

The caption on the post read, "AIRE. my son, my moon, my stars. best year of my life with you." Jenner added, "You complete us my angel. Mommy loves you. Happy 1st birthday. May God always bless you."

@kyliejenner happy birthday Aire.

i love you ? you are my sunshine - christina perri

A Late Reveal: Kylie Jenner Shares Aire's Name

It's worth noting that Kylie Jenner only published the first photos of her son at the end of last month and revealed his new name.

In one of the episodes of "The Kardashians," Jenner stated that her son's name was Wolf, but she later revealed that she no longer liked the name. Months passed while Jenner decided on the boy's middle name, and she finally shared that it was Aire.

According to a source who recently spoke with PEOPLE, Kylie's pregnancy with Aire was very different than her pregnancy with Stormi Webster. "After she had Stormi, she bounced back quickly. She was also resting more and took a huge step back by keeping her pregnancy to herself.

As a working mom with a toddler, her pregnancy with Wolf was very different. She experienced more stress trying to balance everything," said the insider. Caitlyn Jenner, Kylie's father, also weighed in on the name change. Speaking at Steven Tyler's Janie's Fund event ahead of the 2022 Grammys, Caitlyn shared, "Those are her decisions to make.

I learned a long time ago don't put your two cents in, I go with whatever they come up with. But now she has Knight, and I like that, with a K, like a knight in shining armor. I like that." As for Kylie, she wants to be honest about the challenges of motherhood.

"She has help and is still exhausted," said the source. "She has a great support system and is focused on taking care of herself too. She loves being a mom and wants to be the best possible."

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