Shakira's 46th Birthday Celebration Brings Tears and Joy


Shakira's 46th Birthday Celebration Brings Tears and Joy

Colombian singer Shakira celebrated her 46th birthday and was greeted by a crowd of enthusiastic fans outside her home. The singer, known for her hit songs such as "Hips Don't Lie," was overcome with emotion and tears as she watched the gathering from her balcony.

Heartwarming Interaction with Fans

Shakira took the time to greet her fans and sang along as they serenaded her with birthday songs. Eventually, she came down from the balcony to join the crowd on the street, where she warmly hugged and greeted her admirers.

The fans, in turn, expressed their love and affection for the singer, shouting "We love you!" as she joined them on the street.

Party with Friends and Fireworks Display

In addition to gathering fans, Shakira also organized a birthday party for her friends.

Videos shared on social media show the singer dancing and celebrating with her guests in good spirits, and the sky was lit up by a beautiful display of fireworks.

Recent Controversy and Song About Infidelity

Shakira recently made headlines after the release of a song in which she speaks about the infidelity of her partner, soccer player Gerard Pique.

In the song, which was recorded with Argentine DJ Bizarrap, Shakira sings about feeling undervalued in the relationship. The lyrics, which include the lines "I'm worth two 22s... You traded a Rolex for a Casio," have caused a stir and numerous reactions from fans.

Pique, for his part, has responded to the song in good humor, explaining his sponsorship deal with Casio during a live stream of the Kings League. He even went as far as to hand out free Casio watches to his guests, causing laughter and good-natured ribbing from his friends.

Shakira's 46th birthday celebration was a heartwarming and joyous event, filled with emotion and laughter. Despite recent controversy, the singer continues to inspire love and affection from her fans, who gathered to celebrate her special day.