Model and Actress Caprice Bourret Proposes Nudity as Solution to War in Ukraine


Model and Actress Caprice Bourret Proposes Nudity as Solution to War in Ukraine
Model and Actress Caprice Bourret Proposes Nudity as Solution to War in Ukraine

American model and actress, Caprice Bourret, has raised the possibility of using nudity as a means of stopping the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. Having already posed n*de in support of efforts to raise awareness of the situation, Bourret believes that nudity may yet play a role in resolving the conflict.

Promising N*de Photos to Putin

In an interview with Richard Eden at the afterparty for the new film The Lair, Bourret stated, “I suppose I could send Putin a letter promising some n*de pictures if he pulled out of Ukraine.

If that stopped the war then I would do that”. The model previously posted images on Instagram depicting herself n*ked, with inscriptions cursing the war on her back and chest. Despite her positive stance on the potential impact of nudity, Bourret expressed concern about Putin's potential replacement, saying, “I’ve heard a rumour he’s dead.

And I worry about his replacement? They might be even worse”.

Charity Work and Personal Struggles

Bourret's recent proposal follows her call to action for her followers to donate supplies to refugees fleeing Ukraine in March of last year.

In addition, she shared photos on Instagram of her efforts to help a charity in London that collects essential donations to send to those in need. In a recent interview with entrepreneur and host Ellie McKay on the On a Mission Podcast, Bourret spoke candidly about her past struggles with alcohol and drugs.

Recalling an instance of mistakenly taking Quaalude, she explained, “I then went to the gym and I was rocking out and all of a sudden everything went weird and I went like timbberrr on the bike. I was still trying to cycle with my legs when I hit the floor”.

Despite her brushes with drugs, Bourret stated that she never fully got into drugs, instead opting to drink alcohol to keep up with her fast-paced social circle. However, she has since quit alcohol, stating, “Every once in a while I will now have a glass of wine or G&T but that doesn't even taste good to me.

I'm the hostess with the hostess without all of that anyways because I am in a good place now. Most of my friends now are the mommies at school”. In conclusion, Caprice Bourret remains dedicated to using her platform to make a difference, whether through activism, charity work, or even nudity.