Aryna Sabalenka wins Australian Open: I’m still shaking


Aryna Sabalenka wins Australian Open: I’m still shaking
Aryna Sabalenka wins Australian Open: I’m still shaking

Aryna Sabalenka achieved great success and won the Australian Open. Sabalenka was better than Rybakin in the final and won 2:1 in sets. Sabalenka could not hide her excitement after the final. She did not forget to congratulate her opponent and her team on their great success.

“First of all, I want to say sorry for my English because I’m still shaking - super nervous! " Sabalenka said after the match,a s quoted by
"Secondly, it’s such an inspiration to receive the trophy from you [directed towards Billie Jean King] thank you so much for everything you have done for our sport.
I want to [congratulate] Elena for an incredible two weeks.

You’re such a great player, and of course we’re going to have many more battles, hopefully in the finals of a Grand Slam. And I want to [congratulate] your team - you guys are amazing, you’ve done such a great job.

Congrats guys.

Sabalenka on her team

Sabalenka showed how much she respects her team and thanked them for everything they did for her. She is aware of how big a success this is, and a trophy like this will be a wind at her back to continue with great results.

Sabalenka will become number 2 on the WTA list. However, she will not stop there. Her ambitions have grown now. We will see what awaits us in the future from Sabalenka, but we have no doubt that it will only be the best.
“And to my team - the craziest team on tour I would say!

We’ve been through a lot of downs last year, we’ve worked so hard and you guys deserve this trophy. It’s more about you than about me. Thank you so much for everything you’re doing for me, I love you guys, thank you.
I hope next year I come back stronger and I show you even better tennis and you guys support me [once] more. Thank you”.