Sasha Obama's Low-Key Fashion


Sasha Obama's Low-Key Fashion
Sasha Obama's Low-Key Fashion

Sasha Obama, the younger daughter of former US President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle, is known for her low-key and understated fashion style. Despite rarely being seen in public, her simple yet striking fashion combinations have caught the attention of media and social media followers alike.

Effortless and Elegant Style

The 22-year-old's fashion choices are often noted for their unique colors and the different styles she combines. She can be seen wearing baggy jeans, colorful sweaters, skirts, canvas bags, and sneakers, which have earned her the title of a fashion icon on social media platforms.

Often on Twitter, users share their opinions about how she is a fashion icon, and her loyal followers enthusiastically comment every time on new photos published by the media. Many appreciate her modesty and often point out that she almost never wears makeup.

Living a Private Life

Sasha and her older sister Malia Ann have largely been kept out of the public eye since their father's tenure in the White House.

They lost their Secret Service protection after Barack Obama's term ended and have since been trying to lead a normal life and avoid the trappings of celebrity.

Challenges of being married to Barack Obama

In a recent interview, Michelle Obama candidly spoke about the challenges her marriage to former US President Barack Obama faced, specifically during the early years of raising their daughters.

The former first lady revealed that for a decade, she "couldn't stand" her husband and attributed the strain in their marriage to the difficulties of parenting young children. "People think I'm being catty for saying this: it's like, there were 10 years where I couldn't stand my husband," Obama said in an interview with Revolt.

"And guess when it happened? When those kids were little." She added, "For 10 years while we’re trying to build our careers and worrying about school and who’s doing what and what, I was like, ‘Argh, this isn’t even!’. "