Britney Spears Has A Manic Outburst at Los Angeles Restaurant

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Britney Spears Has A Manic Outburst at Los Angeles Restaurant

Pop star Britney Spears was recently spotted at a Los Angeles restaurant acting in a manic manner, leading many to speculate that she had a nervous breakdown. The incident, which was captured on video by a fellow diner, prompted her husband Sam Ashgari to leave the restaurant.

Britney Spears' Public Outburst

According to TMZ, Britney and her husband Sam were seen at JOEY restaurant in Woodland Hills, accompanied by a bodyguard. However, their romantic date quickly turned into a public outburst from the singer.

Eyewitnesses reported that Britney became "manic," shouting and talking nonsense in almost unrecognizable speech. Her husband, Sam Ashgari, became upset and left the restaurant. In the video released by TMZ, Britney can be seen sitting at a table and talking incoherently.

Eyewitnesses stated that shortly after that she got up and went out with her bodyguard, who then returned to pay the bill.

Britney's Cryptic Instagram Posts

Hours after her public outburst, Britney took to Instagram to post a few cryptic messages.

One post read, “They told me I couldn’t that’s why I did!” and included an illustration of a sunglasses-wearing woman.

Sam Ashgari's previous comments

Sam Asghari, Britney's husband, has previously spoken about his preference for the performer not to post n*de content on social media.

In a post on Instagram, he wrote, “The only person in the world that gets bullied for posting things like this,” and admitted, “I personally preferred she never posted these but who am I to control someone that’s been under a microscope and been controlled for most of her life”.

Speculation about Britney's well-being has been a topic of concern for her fans and the general public in the past, with many questioning the level of control her conservatorship has on her life and career. It is not clear what triggered Britney's outburst at the restaurant, but the incident has raised concerns about the pop star's well-being.