Chris Ledesma, Music Editor for "The Simpsons," Dies at 64

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Chris Ledesma, Music Editor for "The Simpsons," Dies at 64

Chris Ledesma, a cherished music editor for the venerable animated program "The Simpsons", has passed away. Ledesma had been a part of the program since the first season in 1989, and the series has more than 700 episodes and 30 seasons worth of his work.

Following the airing of an episode of "The Simpsons" on Sunday night, his passing was disclosed, and a post-credits tribute card was written in his honor. Ledesma showed musical skill from a young age and developed a passion for it when he began learning to play the piano at the age of three.

His love of music finally inspired him to pursue a profession in music editing. He then started official trumpet instruction. Ledesma began his career in the field by working on a CalArts student film. He later earned significant expertise as a tour guide for Universal Studios Hollywood, where he frequently had the chance to observe films being scored on the set.

Ledesma accumulated 138 credits during the course of his stellar career for his work on TV movies and programs like "Teen Angel," "Miracle in the Woods," and "Robin Hood: Men in Tights." He was well-known in the business, and his abilities were acknowledged with two Emmy nominations: one for best individual achievement in sound editing for the movie "Gypsy" and another for excellent sound editing for the movie "War and Remembrance."

Chris Ledesma

In addition to his work on "The Simpsons," Ledesma also maintained a personal blog, with his last entry dating back to 2020.

He was remembered by his colleagues as a kind and talented individual who truly loved his job. Writer Carolyn Omine shared a tribute card on social media, stating "Chris Ledesma was a sweet man who loved his job and was really, really good at it.

We miss him."

Ledesma's replacement on "The Simpsons," Jake Schaefer, also tweeted numerous tributes, describing Ledesma as a "great mentor and a genuine person" and expressing his condolences to Ledesma's family.