Exclusive Look into the World of Kim Kardashian: From Dress Code to Co-Parenting


Exclusive Look into the World of Kim Kardashian: From Dress Code to Co-Parenting

Kim Kardashian has revealed that she has a strict dress code for her employees, in an interview on Angie Martinez's IRL podcast. The reality TV star admitted that she likes to keep the aesthetic of her office monochromatic, with a uniform of "grays, heather gray, black, navy, white, cream, khaki," and other neutral colors.

When asked why she has this dress code, Kardashian explained that it helps create a "calm, peaceful" workspace and that her employees are on board with it. In addition to maintaining a cohesive look in the office, Kardashian also revealed that she has a similar aesthetic in her personal life, with a home that is "Zen" and decorated in neutral colors.

She emphasized the importance of finding moments of peace and tranquility in a world that can be hectic and stressful. While Kardashian's dress code may seem strict to some, it's clear that she has the best interests of her employees and the overall atmosphere of her workplace in mind.

By creating a cohesive and calming environment, she hopes to create a space where her staff can be productive and feel at ease. It's just one of the many ways that Kardashian strives for excellence in all aspects of her life, from parenting to business.


In the same interview, Kardashian also opened up about the recent difficulties in her relationship with Kanye West.

She admitted that co-parenting has been challenging, but expressed her hope that her children will be able to have the same positive experiences with their father that she had with hers. Despite the challenges, a source told E!

News that Kardashian is making sure West remains involved in their children's lives, as they are "very bonded" to him. Overall, the interview provided a candid look into the personal and professional life of one of the world's most well-known celebrities.

Kardashian's dedication to creating a peaceful and cohesive environment in both her personal and professional life is admirable, and it's clear that she is always striving to improve and be the best version of herself.

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