What Happened to Kanye West? Rumors Swirl as Rapper Remains Missing


What Happened to Kanye West? Rumors Swirl as Rapper Remains Missing

Controversial rapper Kanye West has been missing for weeks, and there are growing concerns among fans and the public about his whereabouts. Reports have circulated on social media that West has disappeared, and many are speculating about the reason behind his absence.

One possible explanation for West's disappearance is a lawsuit filed against him by his former business manager, Thomas St. John. St. John is requesting that West pay $4.5 million in alleged unpaid royalties. However, St. John has stated that he has been unable to properly serve the court documents to West, leading to rumors that the rapper has disappeared.

Mr St. John has reported that he was unable to find a proper address to serve the complaint, and it appears that West does not have an attorney to accept the documents on his behalf. St. John also attempted to send documents to three personal addresses, but these attempts were unsuccessful.

It is worth noting that West owns several properties, including a ranch in Wyoming, in addition to the addresses in Calabasas, Hidden Hills, and Malibu where St. John filed court papers. Some of these properties are unknown to the public, and it is possible that West could be at one of these locations.

Kanye not been seen in public for weeks

Despite these theories, the fact remains that West has not been seen in public for weeks, and his spokesman has not commented on the situation. Fans and the public are understandably concerned about his well-being and are hoping for more information to be released soon.

West has a history of mental health issues, and there are concerns that his disappearance may be related to this. In 2018, he was hospitalized for a psychiatric evaluation after he exhibited bizarre behavior during a series of concerts.

More recently, West has made headlines for his support of former President Donald Trump and his controversial statements about various topics. It is unclear at this time what has happened to Kanye West, and fans and the public are hoping for more information to be released soon.

Many are expressing their concern and support for the rapper on social media, using the hashtag #WhereIsKanye to spread awareness about his disappearance. It is hoped that West will be found safe and that he is receiving the help that he needs.

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