Actress Tori Spelling Hospitalized Due to Dizziness, Difficulty Breathing


Actress Tori Spelling Hospitalized Due to Dizziness, Difficulty Breathing
Actress Tori Spelling Hospitalized Due to Dizziness, Difficulty Breathing

Tori Spelling, the American actress best known for her role in the hit series "Beverly Hills," has been hospitalized due to dizziness, difficulty breathing, and high blood pressure. In a recent Instagram post, Spelling shared a photo of herself lying in a hospital bed and called out those who had criticized her for taking a break from her acting career.

"Here I am in [the] hospital since late last night," she wrote. "To all of you who gas lit me when you were told I [was] too sick to work, well here I am." In the post, Spelling went on to explain that her symptoms included being "low on oxygen" and experiencing "crazy dizziness," in addition to struggling with breathing and high blood pressure.

She also used the opportunity to address her critics, saying, "How about next time [you] take someone at face value and show kindness instead of doubtfulness. Remember, for people like me, NOT working is a nightmare. I'm a hustler and a workaholic.

I always choose work." As she pointed out in her recent Instagram post, it is important to remember that everyone's experiences and circumstances are different, and it is never okay to doubt someone's struggles or invalidate their experiences.

Before entering the hospital, Spelling had been enjoying the holiday season with her family, sharing a glimpse into their Christmas decorations on Instagram. In a post from December 14th, she shared a photo of their gingerbread house, which they had purchased from a local bakery.

Along with the photo, she wrote a message expressing her gratitude to the bakery and her hopes for a holiday season filled with "love, truth, understanding, kindness, and peace." Spelling has been married to Canadian actor Dean McDermott for 16 years, and the couple has five children together.

She has previously spoken about the importance of spending the holiday season with her family, and no doubt this year's hospitalization has made it difficult for her to be with them. This is not the first time that Spelling has faced health challenges.

In January of this year, she documented her family's experience with COVID-19, noting that her symptoms lasted for more than a week.

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