Princess of Monaco Talks Health, Recovery and the Importance of Family

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Princess of Monaco Talks Health, Recovery and the Importance of Family

The Princess of Monaco, Charlene, recently gave an interview to local newspaper Monaco Matin, in which she spoke about her ongoing health issues and recovery. Charlene stated that she is feeling much better and has more energy than she has in recent years.

She also acknowledged that her recovery process will take time, but she is approaching it step by step and is grateful to have the support of her family. "I would first like to say that I feel so much better today than I have in recent years," Charlene told local newspaper Monaco Matin.

"I feel less pain and much more energy." "I continue to recover, to rebalance myself," she continued. "It will still take time, but I'm happy. My family and those I love are my rock. I approach the future, step by step, one day at a time."

Future roles of her children

In the interview, Charlene also discussed the future roles of her children, stating that they were born with responsibilities and duties as members of the royal family.

She and her husband, Prince Albert, ensure that their children are aware of the nature of events and ceremonies that they attend together as a family. "With my husband (Prince Albert), when we have to go to an event, we explain to them what the nature of this event, this ceremony is," added Charlene with pet chihuahuas Tia and Harley playing beside her on the couch.

However, Charlene emphasized that her children are still young and are learning their royal roles before they become natural to them. "They like accompanying us, and with the Prince, the four of us enjoy doing these together," she continued about their family time together.

"But as I said," she advised, "they are still young, they continue to observe, to learn, before it will become natural for them." Recently, Charlene's children made appearances at November's National Day, the first major family gathering in three years.

Charlene expressed her pride in seeing her children's maturity and emphasized the importance of the family unit to them. "Our children were very enthusiastic to take part in this National Day and we were very proud to see their maturity," she told Monaco Matin.

"The family unit is essential for us." She also highlighted the special bond that her twins share, characterized by their love and protection of each other and their unique common language. "They love and protect each other and share an immense benevolence between them," added Charlene. "It's a rather unique bond I must say, and I see this particularity that the twins share."