A rarely seen photo of Jennifer Lopez with her sisters


A rarely seen photo of Jennifer Lopez with her sisters
A rarely seen photo of Jennifer Lopez with her sisters

Jennifer Lopez has two sisters, but she rarely shows them, and now their photos together have surfaced. Latin diva Jennifer Lopez is one of the world's biggest stars and little is known about her. But what many do not know is that the singer has two sisters, Leslie and Lynda, who are not in showbiz and rarely appear in public.

But now their joint photos from the recent celebration of American Thanksgiving have appeared on Instagram.

"Beautiful sisters you look so alike!" one wrote, while another commented: "You girls are all so beautiful." A third added: "What a lovely photo." Lynda is younger than Jennifer and works as a journalist in New York, and Leslie is the oldest of the sisters and is employed as a music teacher at a school in the Bronx.

The sisters were raised by parents Guadalupe and David

Jennifer told People: "It became the number one thing that we, in a way, took for granted for so long. Not being able to see my mum and dad as much as we wanted, we didn't spend the holidays together." She continued: "Different things like that where you realise health is the number one most important thing in our lives, so it became a huge priority." In addition to her sisters, the singer also has two brothers, and they all appeared together on the Oprah Winfrey show back in 2002, and then they admitted that they really don't like to talk publicly about Jennifer.

"As a kid, Jen was the ring leader. Anything that was concocted was usually her idea," Leslie says. "She's always my sister. She's a famous movie star to all of you, but not to me. She's still my sister. She's still my little pain in the butt sister." "I don't why it makes me laugh, I'm like 'All these people are here to see my goofball sister.'

It's the only thought that goes through your head. It's like, I can't believe these are people that are here to see, Jen, my goofy sister who ran around in her underwear in our house when we were little." Jennifer grew up with her siblings in the Bronx, and today she owns real estate across the United States and currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband Ben Affleck.

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