Compared to Megan Fox after divorce, the British woman has changed her style


Compared to Megan Fox after divorce, the British woman has changed her style
Compared to Megan Fox after divorce, the British woman has changed her style

Marissa Pool became known as Megan Fox's double, but this 29-year-old British woman didn't always look like this. Namely, while she was married, Marissa cultivated a mild appearance and a short bob haircut, although she was very unhappy because of this and did not feel good in her own skin.

"I got wrapped up playing a role of what was expected of me as a wife and mother and wasn't prioritising how I looked or any aspect of my life." She added: "When you get older you change into a different person and your values and beliefs change.

I lost myself for a while like a lot of women do." After an amicable divorce, she started doing things that make her happy. "It was mutual. We were two different people and our children deserved better. We couldn't be together," Marissa said.

"I was finally able to be myself," she said. "I decided if I can feel good about the outside I can feel good on the inside too because I can be real and honest with people and not hide myself out of fear. It was definitely a process - it didn't happen overnight."

Alternative music inspired Marissa's wardrobe

"I had always liked the alternative music scene since I was 12, I just thought I couldn't dress like that after becoming a wife and mother,' she explained.

"I was constantly bleaching and dying my hair so eventually it all broke off." "In 2017 I had the choice between shaving it all off or getting a Karen cut. The grow out journey took years. I couldn't leave my hair alone. I'm really happy with my hair now.

It's now natural down to my shoulders and I have extensions and have died it black."

Marissa is happier than ever

"I now spend half an hour every day getting ready and doing my make up,' she said. When you feel good about yourself, only then can you be the best version of yourself. I feel like a completely different person, I'm confident, I feel good and I feel like me."

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