'Kanye West showed employees explicit photos of ex Kim Kardashian'

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'Kanye West showed employees explicit photos of ex Kim Kardashian'
'Kanye West showed employees explicit photos of ex Kim Kardashian' (Provided by Celeb Tattler)

Former employees of Kanye West claim that he showed them explicit photos of Kim Kardashian. One of the former employees, who did not want to reveal his identity, described in a statement to Rolling Stone that this first happened in 2018, when he came for a job interview.

One young creative claimed: “My wife just sent me this,” the “Heartless” rapper allegedly told him while pulling up a “very revealing and personal” photo of Kardashian on his phone. They claimed that West was “not afraid to show explicit images or talk about situations that should be kept private”.

Another former employee stated that the same situation happened to him and that the rapper never hesitated to show her private photos and talk about private things. West held his phone horizontally in front of the uncomfortable businessmen while a video played.

“Is this a porn movie?” one of them asked, to which West replied, “Yeah”. “Jesus Christ,” one of the men, whose face was blurred out, replied. “Come on, man. Come on,” the man said while pushing the phone away as West tried to force them to watch more.

A lot of videos and images of pornographic content were constantly shown by West.

Including his own s*x tapes.

“I feel it was a tactic to break a person down and establish their unwavering allegiance to him, testing and destroying people’s boundaries,” one person said, while another claimed that West specifically targeted female employees.

The rapper had previously spoken out about his "porn addiction," revealing that it had "devastated" the life of his family as a result. “Hollywood is a giant brothel Pornography destroyed my family I deal with the addiction Instagram promotes it Not gonna let it happen to Northy and Chicago,” the rapper wrote in a since-deleted Instagram post in September.

Rolling Stone reporters claim that these events are detailed in an open letter titled "The Truth About Yeezy: A Call to Action for Adidas Leadership." In the letter, people who previously worked for the rapper called out the managers of the Adidas company for allowing him to behave like this.

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