Actress Nicki Aycox passed away at the age of 47.


Actress Nicki Aycox passed away at the age of 47.

Nicki Aycox lost a tough battle with leukemia, which she was diagnosed with in 2020. American actress Nicki Aycox, best known for her roles as Meg Masters in the series "Supernatural Hunters" and Jaimie Allen in "Under the Shadow of the Law", passed away at the age of just 47 after a grueling battle with a serious illness.

Nicki was diagnosed with leukemia in 2020, and her sister-in-law Susan Raab Ceklosky confirmed the sad news that she had lost a difficult battle on social networks. The actress initially thought she had contracted COVID-19 after becoming very ill, but was later told she had leukemia, for which she had to undergo heavy chemotherapy and stem cell transplants.

She documented her battle on the Internet, and posted news about her health on Instagram. She shared her last heartwarming post with fans on March 26, a video of herself gathering the energy to sing in her hospital bed after chemotherapy.

"My beautiful, smart, fierce, incredibly talented, and loving sister-in-law, Nicki Aycox Raab, passed away yesterday with my brother, Matt Raab, by her side, Nicki and Matt had a wonderful life together in California. She was definitely a fighter and everyone who knew her loved her." her sister-in-law Susan wrote on Facebook.

Nicki was born in Hennessey, Oklahoma, and spent her childhood performing in competitions and playing the piano. She studied briefly at the University of Oklahoma before moving to Los Angeles to pursue her acting career. She made guest appearances on "The Amazing Science," "L.A.

Heat," "Third Pebble from the Sun," "USA High" and "Boy Meets World" in the late 1990s. She had a seven-episode run as Lily Gallagher on "Providence" in addition to guest roles on "The X-Files," "Ally McBeal" and "Angel of Darkness," while also filming "Crime + Punishment in the Suburbs," "Rave MacBeth." and "Jeepers Creepers 2".

Throughout her leukemia battle, Aycox shared updates on social media

"STOP! DO NOT attempt to sing 80’s music after taking high doses of chemo," the actress wrote in the post capiton. "will cause memory loss. Literally got not 1 lyric correct # cancersucks.

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