The world's 10 richest and most famous individuals


The world's 10 richest and most famous individuals
The world's 10 richest and most famous individuals

From year to year, the list of the richest and most powerful people is constantly changing... However, there are some individuals who have been at the top of that list for several years now and certainly rule the world, in their own unique way.

Their power and wealth is reflected in the amount of money they possess and the recognition they receive from the rest of the population. Some of them are involved in music, some in sports, some are TV presenters or actors.

We present to you a list of the top 10 most powerful people today.

1. Beyonce - $115 million

For several years in a row, this attractive singer is at the top of the list of rich and powerful people. She held a massive and unwieldy tour that brought her worldwide recognition and dazzling fame.

This superstar held 95 concerts and earned about 2.4 million dollars per appearance. Also, she presented her most innovative album, which is simply called "Beyonce". Her single "Drunk in Love" has sold over a million copies. Also, this beautiful singer is married to one of the most influential people, Jay Z, who besides his music has his own publishing house and numerous other business ventures.

Their joint wealth is very large. Together they create a real empire. This music diva didn't stop recording hits even when she embarked on a solo career a few years ago. She still earns enormous amounts of money from her husband and tours, but from the advertising campaigns she does in collaboration with brands such as Pepsi and H&M.

2. LeBron James - $72 million

In second place, right behind Beyonce, is the famous basketball player LeBron James. He owns a large number of MVP awards and won championships, so he is considered the King of the NBA. He is their biggest star, and he collaborates with brands like Nike, McDonald's, Coca-Cola, Upper Deck and many others.

His signature Nike sneakers have earned about $300 million in the United States, and his jersey is the NBA's best-selling jersey. He also earns a lot of money in collaboration with Beats and Apple companies.

3. Dr. Dre - $620 million


Dre had the year of his life it seems to us. This legendary rapper and producer made an enormous amount of money when he sold his Beats headphones to Apple for three billion dollars. His annual cash flow is now a whopping $620 million.

4. Oprah Winfrey - $3 billion

Oprah Winfrey was once the most powerful and influential woman in the world. She has worked on many projects that deal with the state and life situation, social problems and the like, and has also tried herself on the small screen.

In addition to her hosting role, her show made her the queen of daytime television. Also, she is the author of several books that teach us how to live a better life, which are absolutely always bestsellers. She owns her own cable network that makes a lot of money, and she also helped launch the shows with Dr.

Filom, Rachel Ray and Dr. Oz in the main roles.

5. Ellen DeGeneres - $70 million

Ellen is probably the favorite TV personality - according to the latest research, she is climbing towards the top of this list. Last year, she managed to set two records in just 24 hours – the first being the famous selfie she took with a handful of celebrities at the Oscars, which became the most retweeted post on Twitter.

The episode of her live talk show after the Oscars was the most watched episode in all the years her program was on the air. Also, Ellen now owns her own production company.

6. Jay-Z - $60 million

We have already mentioned Jay Z in the context of his wife Beyonce.

We can freely call him a mogul, because he achieves real and enviable success with his growing Roc Nation empire. His last album received a platinum edition before it was officially released, because the Samsung company bought a million copies.

7. Floyd Mayweather - $105 million

Floyd Mayweather is the first athlete besides Tiger Woods to earn $100 million. He is on the list of the highest paid athletes and his matches often break viewership records. He earns a lot of money from his fights, and a few days ago we all had the opportunity to watch one of them, from which he emerged as the winner by the judge's decision.

8. Rihanna - $48 million

This young lady is the perfect embodiment of the modern pop star. The beauty from Barbados has numerous hits in her career that we can hear at every step, and she has collaborated with big stars of the music industry such as Eminem.

She knows how to use social media better than anyone. Her Twitter and Instagram posts allow her to connect with her fans, which makes them simply adore her.

9. Katy Perry - $40 million

With an arguably modest tour schedule this year, Katy Perry is one of the highest-earning stars in her field.

She does not shy away from risks and likes to try new things. She is the brand ambassador for CoverGirl and Pop Chips, and has her own perfume called Killer Queen. He also has a lot of income from private events where he is a guest.

Her fans simply adore her and it's very clear why she's at the top of this list.

10. Robert Downey Jr - $75 million

The Marvel company has been accused of being very stingy when it comes to paying royalties to the stars of its superhero movies.

But the studio was more than generous when it comes to Downey. As Iron Man, he became a force behind four of Marvel's biggest hits, including "The Avengers," which is the third highest-grossing film on the list. He did not want to take the terms of "Avengers - Age of Ultron" lightly and received a rather massive fee for the job. Most of his money came from the Iron Man 3 movie.