Madonna's Jean Paul Gaultier cone bra on Megan Fox


Madonna's Jean Paul Gaultier cone bra on Megan Fox
Madonna's Jean Paul Gaultier cone bra on Megan Fox

Megan Fox showed off two challenging fashion releases by appearing at two different events in the same evening and boasted about the photos on Instagram. Fox appeared at the GQ magazine party, and then at the celebration of the Jean Paul Gaultier brand, and for these occasions, she wore striking fashion combinations.

The actress accompanied her fiance Machine Gun Kelly to the GQ party, and appeared in a rather challenging outfit. She was wearing a transparent black mesh dress under which her underwear was visible. She had black sandals on her feet, and her hair was pulled up into a messy bun.

For the Jean Paul Gultier party, Megan wore a dress reminiscent of Madonna's iconic bra of the same brand. The actress' white dress, designed by Oliviera Rousteing, featured a strapless corset with pleats of draped fabric that fell down her hips, as well as a slit in the front.

She kept the same hairstyle from the first event, and completed the look with white heels. "2 events 1 night," she wrote alongside of a slideshow of snapshots of her outfits (plural) on Instagram, adding, "When is it time to just stay in bed and eat gingerbread watching half blood prince ??? ??."

A wedding is also reportedly in the works for the actress.

“Megan and MGK haven’t set a date yet but they’re secretly planning their wedding.

They’re working on it and also working hard on themselves,” a source exclusively revealed to Us Weekly on Tuesday, October 24. “They’ve worked on their problems and worked really hard to get to the place where they are today.

It’s still a struggle at times and they tend to have a lot of ups and downs. He is making a lot of effort to be more mature. He’s not always easy to deal with. He still has this teenage side to him”. “They have their differences at times where he likes to stay out late and party and she’s okay with going home early,” the same source told Us.

The insider continued: “There was a point months ago where she was beyond done with him. She was fed up with his BS. It got really bad between them. He loves her so much and was the one that pushed to make it work. He wanted it to work and wanted them to be a happy couple. She was having a hard time, but things have turned around”.

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