Vanity Fair's cover features Margot Robbie


Vanity Fair's cover features Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie is the star of the latest edition of Vanity Fair magazine, and in addition to the cover where she showed off her enviable figure, the actress talked about her future projects, as well as coping with fame in Hollywood.

The actress, who is promoting her upcoming film "Babylon," in which she stars alongside Brad Pitt and Olivia Wilde, told Vanity Fair that she was unprepared for fame when she rose to fame after her role in 2013's "Wolf of Wall Street." .

years. The magazine points out that Robbie was not ready to lose her privacy and that financial security was still far away at that time.

“Something was happening in those early stages and it was all pretty awful, and I remember saying to my mom, ‘I don’t think I want to do this.’ And she just looked at me, completely straight-faced, and was like, ‘Darling, I think it’s too late not to.’ That’s when I realized the only way was forward”.

Robbie adds that he is getting better at dealing with fame:

“I know how to go through airports, and now I know who’s trying to fuck me over in what ways,” she says. However, there are some aspects she can't understand, such as the lack of paparazzi rules in her native Australia.

“If my mom dies in a car accident because you wanted a photo of me going in the grocery shop, or you knock my nephew off a bike—for what? For a photo?” she says. “It’s dangerous but still weirdly nothing feels like it changes”.

she said.

Was Margot all right? Was Cara?

“I’m like, ‘First of all, yes and yes,’ ” says Robbie, exasperated. “ ‘And second of all, I’m not at Cara’s house—I’m outside an Airbnb that I was renting for five days!

And I’m not crying!’. I had something in my eye. I’m trying to grab my face mask, trying to hold a coffee cup, and I couldn’t get a hair outta my eye”. She also talked about the upcoming movie "Barbie" in which she stars with Ryan Gosling and revealed that the version of the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean" with a female protagonist probably won't happen.

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