Georgina Rodriguez lives in luxury, while her half-sister "barely survives"

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Georgina Rodriguez lives in luxury, while her half-sister "barely survives"

Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo and his fiancee Georgina Rodriguez live a luxurious life, the details of which they share with the public. However, this is not the case with half-sister Georgina, who has now decided to complain that she does not receive any financial help from her.

Patricia Rodriguez revealed that she lives without any help from her half-sister Georgina. As she pointed out, she has not had a permanent home for three years, while her half-sister lives a high life, in luxurious villas and constantly traveling around the world.

"I am broke and my sister does not help me," Patricia told TV show Socialite. "What hurts me most are my children, not me. After all, with a piece of bread I can eat, but my children, who are her nephews... Sometimes I have enough to eat, sometimes I don't.

Sometimes I have enough to pay the rent, sometimes I don't. As a sister I don't expect all this." The 33-year-old pointed out that sometimes she only has enough to pay for food and rent, while sometimes she struggles to survive.

The relationship with Georgina, she revealed, became particularly turbulent after the death of their father in 2019.

Patricia also revealed that her half-sister "kicked her out" of her life.

"Georgina, I need help, you are my sister," she added.

"I know she has no obligation and responsibility, but, since she is supportive and so good to others, at least she should be with her nephews and nieces. If you don't want to be with me, be with your nephews."

Earlier this year, a documentary about the life of Georgina arrived on Netflix, and the native Argentinian did not mention Patricia, but only her sister Ivana. Namely, she and Patricia had the same father, but different mothers.

After the death of Patricia's mother, she came to live with her father and half-sisters as a little girl. In one of her first media interviews, a few years ago, she stated that she always felt "separated" from them.

By the way, this is not the first time that members of Georgina's family have complained about her, they previously pointed out that she had turned her back on them since she met Ronald. The famous couple expanded their family this year with the birth of their daughter Bella Esmeralda.

At the same time, the famous Portuguese is currently in the public eye because of his interview with Pierce Morgan, where the footballer "hit" his club, Manchester United. The player will be severely punished for this, and his contract with the club will be terminated. Although he went to the World Cup, it is doubtful whether he will even return to Manchester.