Emily Ratajkowski explains why she bought a baby doll and tea set for her son


Emily Ratajkowski explains why she bought a baby doll and tea set for her son
Emily Ratajkowski explains why she bought a baby doll and tea set for her son

Successful model Emily Ratajkowski recently revealed that she bought her one-year-old son a doll to avoid gender stereotypes. In her podcast "High Low with EmRata", the British model and actress discussed toys with American actress Julia Fox, also a single mother of a boy, and revealed that her son loves playing with trucks.

“Sly literally gets so excited. [He] loves to play with things with wheels,” she said. “But is this just what he likes naturally?” In order to reduce his obsession with these toys, she admitted that she decided to buy him a doll.

“I’m like, are those the little ways you can start making sure the conditioning doesn’t happen?” she asked. “And spending a lot of time around women?” They talked about how the division into what is meant for girls or boys, from toys to the color of clothes or walls in the children's room, is a key link in the chain that instills gender stereotypes in the child's psyche at an early age, which, they say, are strongly they oppose.

“It’s hard as a single mom, raising a son, you just don’t want them to end up like every single guy you’ve ever met, you know?” the “Uncut Gems” star said. “How do I stop this conditioning from occurring?” We remind you that during her pregnancy, Emily said that she and her husband at the time would not know the s*x of the child until the child turned 18 and only informed them about it.

"My husband likes to say that “we’re pregnant”. I tell him that while the sentiment is sweet, it’s not entirely true. I resent that his entire family’s DNA is inside of me but that my DNA is not inside him.

“It just seems unfair,” I say, and we both laugh. It’s kind of a joke, but just like the remark we make about our child’s gender, there is truth behind it. Pregnancy is innately lonely; it’s something a woman does by herself, inside her body, no matter what her circumstances may be.

Despite having a loving partner and many female friends ready to share the gritty details of their pregnancies, I am ultimately alone with my body in this experience," said the model at the time. Emily and her husband Sebastian Bear-McClard divorced in mid-July, allegedly because of his infidelity.

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