Melania Trump's wedding dress drew criticism

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Melania Trump's wedding dress drew criticism

Melania Trump found herself at the center of a debate on social media after she wore a cream white dress to her stepdaughter Tiffany Trump's wedding. Tiffany married Michael Boulos this weekend in Mar-a-Lago, Florida, at the estate owned by her father, former US President Donald Trump.

For the wedding, Tiffany opted for a long-sleeved wedding dress designed by Elie Saab with beaded details in a ball gown style. Her sister Ivanka Trump wore a pale blue dress that is notable in its own right because it was a replica of the pale blue dress Grace Kelly wore for the 1955 movie "To Catch a Thief."

While it's unclear whether the 29-year-old bride asked guests to follow a special dress code for the wedding, a number of guests also opted for dresses in pale shades, including Tiffany's mother Marla Maples, who wore a lavender dress.
However, the dress worn by her stepmother Melania proved controversial, despite the neutral color, as the 52-year-old opted for a cream-white dress.

This move was characterized by many as disrespecting the bride, considering that it is an unwritten rule that only the bride can appear in white at the wedding.

Melania Trump was criticized on twitter

“And who wears white or cream colour dress to a wedding? Melania, of course,” one person tweeted, while pointing out that “it is the bride’s day to be the focus”.

Another person said: “Okay, Melania’s dress may not be exactly white but it’s still close enough to be inappropriate to wear to her stepdaughter’s wedding. Marla must be furious, I would be”. “Did Melania wear a white dress to her step daughter’s wedding? Oof,” someone else tweeted.

“Okay we’ve all talked about ‘the crop’ but has anyone said anything about Melania going full Evil Stepmother and wearing a dress that can only be described as ‘not white because I’m wearing a belt,’” one person asked.