Matthew Perry admits to stealing pills from open houses


Matthew Perry admits to stealing pills from open houses

Matthew Perry has been in the public eye in recent months because of his memoir "Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing", which was released on November 1. His life is full of ups and downs, and although a lot is known about his addiction and that difficult period, before the release of the memoirs, more and more shocking details are coming to the public.

"I had to wake up and realized that I needed to get 55 of them or I was going to be really sick," he said during the "Matthew Perry--The Diane Sawyer Interview" television special. "So, I did all sorts of things, a bunch of doctors, fake migraines and all that stuff." "The weirdest thing I did was on Sundays I would go to open houses and go to the the open house and see what pills they had in there and steal them," Perry admitted.

In the book, he also described how on one occasion his large intestine ruptured due to drugs, which caused him to be in a coma for two weeks and in the hospital for five months.

Doctors then gave him a two percent chance of life.

The first time he tried pain pills was after an injury on a jet ski.

In the book, he described its action as "warm honey entering the veins". Afterward, his addiction to them was so severe that he used to take 55 Vicodin a day, and he used to go to estate sales houses just to steal drugs from strangers' bathroom cabinets.

Matthew also revealed that his colleague Jennifer Aniston was the one who gave him the most support. "She was the one that reached out the most and I'm really grateful to her for that." said Perry, who also had romantic feelings for her.

Perry's drug addiction began in 1997 when he was prescribed Vicodin after being injured in a jet ski accident. And the audience could notice these problems through his variations in weight throughout the seasons.

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