Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's rumored troubled marriage concerns Matt Damon


Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's rumored troubled marriage concerns Matt Damon

Rumors about the problems in the marriage between the actors Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez do not stop, and now people close to the actor claim that he is unhappy and thinking about divorce. The couple got married just three months ago after rekindling their relationship.

Sources close to the couple claim that Jennifer strictly controls Ben, who has become like her doll. This is allegedly starting to affect his mental health so much that he is thinking of getting a divorce. Family and friends told Heat World magazine that they are worried about Affleck and feel "he's not 100 per cent happy" "Everyone, including Ben, knew what was involved in marrying Jennifer, but it's hard to believe he's 100 per cent happy when he looks so uncomfortable and lost.

He became JLo's puppet, just like everyone else before him," the source said. These statements are supported by paparazzi photos of Affleck looking moody as he walks the streets of Los Angeles. The couple has rarely been together in public since they got married, which is a completely different situation than when they were just in a relationship.

Then they enjoyed each other's company all the time. "Matt Damon and his brother Casey have been shaking their heads, hoping he'll pull through. The poor guy looks like he's about to burst into tears at any moment," the source reveals.

"Ben hasn't complained to Jen, probably because he knows that if he starts asking for space, she won't take it very well." the source added.

The insider has also claimed:

“Jen would be the first to admit she’s needy, but with Ben it’s on another level.

It doesn’t even enter her head that she’s asking too much of him. She views them as the superstar couple of their generation – if not all of time – and so they come as a package deal. Jen very much wears the pants.

She tells him how to dress, eat, work out – how to live his whole life. This is a whole new version of Ben and it’s kind of sad to see. He’s turning into J-Lo’s personal robot”.

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