The rapper Nicki Minaj dresses as Cinderella

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The rapper Nicki Minaj dresses as Cinderella

During Halloween, many foreigners, including local stars, chose to dress up in interesting costumes and dress up as some of the famous characters in order to take advantage of the occasion. However, some have gone one step further in their imagination, and one of them is the American rapper Nicki Minaj.

The singer decided to dress up in a "freaky" version of one of the most beloved fairy tale characters of all time - Cinderella, as part of her Halloween costume. As part of her ensemble, the rapper wore a light blue mermaid dress with a corset, which was completed with a glass tiara and long tulle gloves.

The moment was captured in a pink palace-like room where she made her hair into a bun and captured it in a photograph. Despite the fact that the whole look was indeed reminiscent of a Disney princess, Nicki added a little in her own style by circling the back part of the dress.

"Happy Halloween," Minaj wrote on Twitter, where she called herself a "Chunderella," which according to Urban Dictionary translates to a pretty drunk girl who suddenly transforms into a vomiting witch at midnight.

Although she surprised many with her costume, the fans liked the singer's choice, and numerous compliments lined up under the posts on social networks.

By the way, this is not the first time we have seen such creations, and something similar was worn by the Serbian singer Jelena Karleuša. However, it is probably the first time that a bare backside and a character from children's cartoons have been packaged in one edition like this.

Minaj recently received five awards at the MTV Europe Music Awards event. Thanks to her song "Super Freaky Girl", she won the award for best artist, best song and best music video. She also received awards for Best Hip-Hop Artist and Most Fans. The song, which she published a month ago, has more than 26 million views so far.