Kim Kardashian unrecognizable in Halloween costume

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Kim Kardashian unrecognizable in Halloween costume

It was hard to recognize Kim Kardashian in the Halloween costume she chose for herself.

Her costume for the event this year was Mystique, a mutant character from the "X-Men" movie series, which is played by Rebecca Romijn and Jennifer Lawrence.

Wearing a tight-fitting jumpsuit, painting her face with blue paint, putting on contact lenses, and donning red hair, she changed into her costume. "Hey Marvel," Kim wrote alongside a video of her posing from all angles while wearing the costume in her closet.

As expected, her followers on Instagram were delighted.

"I can't imagine how much effort you had to put in to look perfect in this costume.

It reminded me of when you starved yourself to get into Marilyn Monroe's dress. You always do your best," is one of the comments. "Give her the X-Men role ASAP," wrote one commenter, while another tagged the entertainment company, stating, "make it happen." A third cheekily added, "Marvellous." "Magik, Mystique, Selene," Kim captioned photos of herself posing with friends Olivia Pierson and Natalie Halcro.

She previously filmed the terrifying decorations in her mansion in California.

Among other things, sculptures of white hands "emerge" from the ground. She discovered that they were replicas of the hands of her loved ones. "These are the hands of my children. These are the hands of my nephews. You can see the hands of some of our friends," she said.

She's also turned to weight loss treatments.

Kim has lost over 21 pounds in the past year. Dr. Ghavami, who performed the procedure, explained: "The Morpheous eight body tip which can actually do stacking type bursts released both deep and superficial, and then it synergizes between the layers of the skin." In a TODAY Show interview, Kim said: "I'm not trying to lose any more weight, but I have more energy than ever. I cut out so much sugar ... I just completely changed my lifestyle."