An impressive transformation by Zac Efron for the biopic "The Iron Claw"

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An impressive transformation by Zac Efron for the biopic "The Iron Claw"
An impressive transformation by Zac Efron for the biopic "The Iron Claw"

Zac Efron was filmed on the set of a new movie in which he portrays the character of wrestler Kevin Von Erich, and the transformation he underwent for this role caught the attention of his fans. Efron looked pretty unrecognizable as he showed off his chiseled, toned muscles with a tan and a bob haircut on the set of "The Iron Claw." While the actor has always been known for his chiseled body, he further enhanced his musculature to recreate Von Erich's physique.

Fans were divided on the new look

One said: 'Zac Efron came out here looking like se*y Ned Flanders'

While another aghast Twitter user wrote: 'This can’t be my Zac efron' A third echoed: 'What is going on with Zac Efron?' And a fourth claimed: 'Wow I never thought we’d lose zac efron to excessive plastic surgery'

A fifth agreed, tweeting: 'Oh my god Zac Efron you destroyed your face' And a sixth quipped: 'The David Hasselhoff–ification of Zac Efron' In response to the actor's transformation into the famous wrestler, many people took to Twitter to express their appreciation.

One said: 'That's Zac Efron? Woah! He's unrecognizeable!' While another tweeted: 'I actually was cool with Zac Efron playing Kevin Von Erich in the new A24 films bio pic. From this shot it looks like Zac was the right choice from a physical aspect.

Now just gotta hear his Texas drawl.' A third praised: 'Zac Efron’s body transformation is INSANE' And a fourth declared: 'Zac Efron as Kevin Von Erich is sending me to the goddamn moon' Zac, who recently responded to speculation about his face change, also wore a wig as he strolled around the set.

"The Iron Claw" is a drama based on the Von Erich family, who created a dynasty that had a major impact on the sport during its heyday in the 1960s, until tragedy struck. Efron recently found himself the target of negative comments due to photos in which it appeared as if he had several cosmetic corrections on his face.

However, during a subsequent red carpet appearance talking about his physical appearance, he explained that he had to go into surgery after stepping on a sock, slipping and hitting his head on a granite fountain, which left him looking swollen.

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