Kim Kardashian will have to pay a $ 1 million fine


Kim Kardashian will have to pay a $ 1 million fine
Kim Kardashian will have to pay a $ 1 million fine

Kim Kardashian advertised a cryptocurrency on Instagram, without signaling that it was a promotion, and now she will have to pay a fine of more than $ 1 million. After receiving $ 250,000 to sponsor a cryptocurrency, Kim advertised the product without signaling that it was a contract between her and the company, ending up in the SEC's crosshairs.

After being reported by the SEC, Kim Kardashian publicly apologized. According to the body responsible for cyber security, in this way Kardashian would have caused a rise in the valuation of cryptocurrencies on their debut on the market, then dramatically collapsed.

About Kim Kardashian

As of May 2013, Kardashian's assets were valued at $ 45 million. In 2015, Forbes said her earnings nearly doubled from 28 in 2015, to 53 million in 2015, reporting that she monetized fame better than anyone else.

Much of her income includes the wholesale earnings of the Sears line, the Kardashian Kollection, which boasts $ 600 million in 2013, and the Kardashian Beauty line of cosmetics, tanning products, as well as sponsored posts on its Instagram and Twitter pages, whose value ranges from $ 10,000 to $ 25,000 per post.

During an interview with GQ in June 2016, Kim talked about her political passion saying: "In the past I identified myself as a liberal republican, fiscally conservative but socially progressive, but now I vote democratic, because I grew up and I decided to vote that.

which I think is better for me than what my parents would have voted for." Since 2018 she has been involved in supporting the revision of life sentences for drug-related crimes, collaborating with the lawyer Brittany Barnett, founder of Buried Alive.

By relying on the First Step Act, ratified in December 2018 by President Donald Trump, Kim managed to free numerous prisoners sentenced to life imprisonment in application of the so-called three strikes and you are out rule of the 1990s.

It seems Kim's intention is to obtain a law degree in order to better continue in these works. In 2021, she passes the exam to become a lawyer and at the same time manages to obtain part of the pardon for Julius Jones, a life sentence sentenced to death.

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