Louise Anstead Age, Height, Career, Husband, Kids, Net Worth

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Louise Anstead Age, Height, Career, Husband, Kids, Net Worth
Louise Anstead Age, Height, Career, Husband, Kids, Net Worth (Provided by Celeb Tattler)

It's a pretty cool phenomenon where the fame of the husband will be enough to get the media limelight all along the way. Ant Anstead is a Hollywood celebrity who is hardly unknown to lots of people. Today we will talk about the better half Louise Anstead.

Louise is an American beaut who met the handsome hunk way back in time and started dating. Lots of people might be unaware of or overseen the lady, but we will provide everything that is to be known. Stay with us till the end.

Louise Anstead with Ant Anstead Some quick facts to start the digging in is surely something pretty good Louise Anstead was born in June 1980 in the USA. The exact date of birth is not known to the general media due to the secretive nature.

One of the main reasons to receive fame is the presence of a husband, so nothing on the parents and siblings' name is known to the primary individual. Moreover, Anstead holds American nationality along with white ethnicity.

Her zodiac sign is unknown due to no information on the accurate date of birth.

Age and Body Measurements| How Tall Is Louise Anstead?

Louise is 40 years old as of now. Ant stands at the height of 6'2" and looking at the couple image we feel Louise is somewhere around 5'7," but the accurate measurement is not available to the general people.

Her body weight, however, is ideally suited to that of her height. Moreover, body statistics are also far from the reach of conventional media. Louise, 42 year-old in 2022, entered her 40's, but surely the grace and charm are going nowhere at all.

All of her good looks are the result of a workout and a healthy diet. Added to that, blonde hair and blue eyes play the lead role.

Early Life and Education

Anstead is an American woman who had a pretty good childhood. The secrecy might be a difficult thing to maintain, but surely Louise has done all that's possible.

Looking at the way Louise carries herself, we feel she was pretty well nurtured all her childhood. In the case of the educational background to Louise is silent. Be it the school or the college attainment; hardly anything can be said on it.


How can a woman have a decent career to share when all the media limelight is around due to the husband's fame. Well, this difficult digging has left us barehanded. Either she might be a businesswoman or a job holder, nothing fruitful is available about it.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pc2dLy8bB_Y On the other hand, Ant is a well-known TV presenter, motor specialist, artist, designer, and whatnot. One of the better works of this celebrity is presenting the automotive show For the Love of Cars.

Moreover, the talented individual co-hosted the show Wheeler Dealers. What adds charm to his skillset is the show produced by the man The World's Most Expensive Cars. Anstead is a rising name in the TV presentation sector, and there is more to come from the man for sure.


One of the main reasons to receive fame for Louise is the marriage with the husband, Ant Anstead. Both the love birds met way back in 1997 and started dating immediately. Ant and Louise found their mojo way quick, but it took them a long time to get married.

It was only in 2005 the couple married, and it was a pretty close event. This settlement to a marriage made big news for fans around the globe. What's surprising about the couple is the fact that they gave birth to a child in 2003 named Amelie.

Moving along the beautiful love story, 2006 saw the birth of another child named Archie. Everything was going great with the children around, but the long-lasting thing was a problem for the couple. Louise Anstead with her family Astonishingly both the lovebirds separated ways after 12 years.

Their divorce came through the social media platform, Twitter. In July 2017, divorce came through, and all the fans were shell shocked by this news. After the divorce, though Louise went absolutely under the radar, the husband went on to marry Christina El Moussa.

To add the strings with love, they are blessed with a kid too. Either Louise Anstead is dating someone or not we will update as soon as something comes up.

Net Worth| How Much Does Louise Anstead Earns?

Louise Antstead is a secretive piece of the asset at this point.

It is kind of surprising how someone can go under the radar with ease. Due to the lack of any information about the career, we can hardly say anything about the net worth. But the divorce settlement provided her with good bucks.

As of now, the net worth stands at $500k. Although the net worth is known, information on annual income and assets owned will be updated soon.