Boston Russell: Age, Bio, Mom, Movies, Net Worth, Wiki, Etc.

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Boston Russell: Age, Bio, Mom, Movies, Net Worth, Wiki, Etc.

Born to a celebrity family itself makes the inborn a star, similar is the case of Boston Rusell. Despite having few contributions in Hollywood, he has been the most popular star due to more of his family background rather than participation.

Boston Russell And Kurt Russell Boston Russell And Kurt Russell Let’s see who Boston Russell is, his real mom, movies, net worth and Wiki bio in the article below.

Boston Russell Wiki Bio, Age, Wife and Children

Boston was born to Kurt and Season on February 16, 1980, in Los Angeles, California.

He is American and of white ethnicity. Boston current age is 38 years. We do not know about his relationship status, whether he is married or not. At 38, we believe he had a partner and settled down somewhere with her. We did find an Instagram account on the name “Boston Russell” but wasn’t certified.

We do believe that account belongs to the real Boston Russell. Researching his account, we came to find that he is dating but isn’t married yet. Boston also doesn’t have any children yet. He although loves pets and has ket several cats and dogs in his home.

He also seems to be a keen wine and alcohol drinker. She collects various brands of liquor and stores in his house as a souvenir. Boston is living the life he wants with a happy smile on his face and among his beloved girlfriend and his pets.

Although he also visits his family members on vacations and other festive occasions.

Boston Russell Is The Son Of Legendary American Actor Kurt Russell

Boston Russell is the firstborn son of American actor Kurt Russell. He is the biological son of Kurt Russell and actress and singer Season Hubley.

Season Hubley is the first wife of Kurt Russell. Russell is the only child of Kurt in his relationship with Season Hubley. Boston was born in quite a famous family. His father Kurt, a well-established actor and his mother Season also an actress and a singer.

Despite being born in a famed family, Boston Russell has maintained a low-key profile. He isn’t involved in acting or singing, like his other siblings, and has kept his life personal and away from the spotlight.

Boston Russell Movies

Boston is born in practically family of actors.

It is natural for Boston to try his hand at acting sometime in his life. Even though, not an interest of his, Boston has played a role in one movie and one series.

Boston With Stepmom Goldie Hawn


Boston Russel doesn’t like the spotlight so has worked in the background of a movie.

He is the Production Assistant of the movie Executive Decision released in 1996. He appeared in a TV series documentary “60 Minutes”. , as Goldie Hawn’s stepson. These two are the only works of Boston, and he isn’t likely to involve in any further movies or shows.

Boston Russell Mom, Dad And Family

If you are a fan of Kurt Russell or even Kate Hudson, you must be already aware that the Russell is a big family with lots of siblings and quite a few moms and dads.

Boston In His Teenage Years

Boston Russell’s mom is Season Hubley, and his dad is Kurt Russell.

Boston’s mom separated from Kurt in 1983 and Kurt began a relationship with Goldie Hawn. Kurt and Goldie share a son, Wyatt Russell and another two children, Oliver Hudson and Kate Hudson from Goldie’s previous marriage with Bill Hudson.

Kurt Russell Goldie Hawn Kate Hudson And Oliver Hudson Kurt Russell Goldie Hawn Kate Hudson And Oliver Hudson Both Oliver and Kate Hudson consider Russel as their father. Still, all the family are very close and occasionally take vacations together, well except Season Hubley who married another actor and cut ties with the Russell family.

Boston Russell's Body Measurement

Boston Russell has a height of 5 feet 11 Inches. His zodiac sign is Aquarius. He weighs 53kg. Boston has Brown hair and Blue eye. There is no information about his shoe size.

Boston Russell Net Worth

Boston Russell is fortunate as he was born in one of the wealthiest and most accomplished actor family in America.

In spite of such family name and recognition, Boston didn’t get caught up in their stardom and lived a normal life away from acting and Hollywood media. There are no reports or facts available about his salary or his net worth.

But he is heir to a massive fortune from his father’s side. Boston Russell net worth is a mystery like he is too. However, his family members have quite the net worth. Boston’s stepsister Kate Hudson is a very accomplished actress, and her net worth is around $38 million. The Russell empire sure is prominent and vastly wealthy too.