Maxine Sneed: Marijuana Activist Tommy Chong, Daughters, Net Worth and Wiki Bio

The ex-wife of Marijuana Activist and Canadian-American comedy actor Tommy Chong, Maxine Sneed Chong is a Canadian-American writer and former editor...

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Maxine Sneed: Marijuana Activist Tommy Chong, Daughters, Net Worth and Wiki Bio

The ex-wife of Marijuana Activist and Canadian-American comedy actor Tommy Chong, Maxine Sneed Chong is a Canadian-American writer and former editor of Black Radio Magazine. Maxine married Cheech and Chong comedy Actor and Musician Tommy Chong and gained recognition after that.

Let’s get to know more about Maxine Sneed’s Bio, Age, Net Worth and her marijuana lover husband, Tommy Chong.

Maxine Sneed Is Tommy Chong’s First Wife

Maxine is an average writer and editor by profession.

Like any other wives of celebrities, who gained popularity after marriage, Maxine Sneed also became media celebrity after her marriage with actor Tommy Chong. The dating history of Maxine and Tommy still eludes writers and bloggers grasp.

Maxine Sneed and Tommy Chong married in 1960. The couple stayed in a relationship for 10 years and divorced in 1970. The couple shares two children from their marriage. Their first child Rae Dawn Chong was born in 1961 and second daughter Robbi Chong was born on 1965.

There existed great controversy on the actual mother of Rae Dawn Chong and the Chong family battled in court to gain custody of Ray.

Marijuana Activist American Actor Tommy Chong?

Marijuana Rights activist, Tommy Chong is Canadian-American actor, musician, and comedian famous for his works in marijuana-themed Cheech and Chong comedy movies and albums.

There has never been a celebrity who has advocated for the free legal use of marijuana like Tommy did. Tommy promoted owning, and use of Marijuana is the legal right of every citizen. Despite supporting legalization of Marijuana, Tommy Chong has suffered from cancer in two separate occasions.

Even after surviving through cancer, Tommy is still in favor of legalization of Marijuana. His birth country Canada decided to legalized the use of Marijuana for recreational purpose from October 18, 2018.

Net Worth of Maxine Sneed Chong

Maxine Sneed is almost a forgotten name in the media nowadays.

She had almost vanished from the spotlight of Hollywood after her divorce from Tommy in 1970. She is an editor and writer by profession and didn’t earn much on her own. Maxine Sneed’s net worth is unknown as she doesn't use Facebook, Instagram, and other communication sites and her sources of income also remain unavailable.

However, her ex-husband, Tommy Chong still makes plenty of money through music and acting. Maxine Sneed’s husband net worth is around $ 8 million.

The Actual Mother of Rae Dawn Chong is not Maxine

Rumors flew that Maxine is not the birth mother of Rae Dawn Chong.

The media stated Tommy Chong was secretly in an affair with a 17-year-old girl. The girl is Gail Toulson, and she claimed that Rae Dawn is her and Tommy’s daughter. Gail Toulson gave birth to Tommy Chong’s first daughter.

Later Tommy battled Gail in court for the custody of Rae Dawn stating Maxine as the birth mother of Rae. Tommy won the custody of the daughter and raised with him. Gail Toulson lost the custody battle because she was underage and could not support a better future for her daughter.

Maxine Sneed and her actress daughter, RaeDawn Chong

Maxine Sneed’s both daughters are actors, but Maxine is also named “Mother of Rae Dawn”. Rae Dawn has acted in numerous movies like Quest of Fire, Beat Street, The Colour Purple, Commando and Time Runner.

Maxine’s second daughter Robbi Chong is also an actress. She studied acting and played in movies like Shelter, Jimmy Hollywood, Far Out Man and Cheech & Chong’s The Corsican Brothers. Robbi also premiered in TV series like ER, Red Shoes Diaries 12, The Outer Limits, Murder One and The Cosby Show.

Rae Dawn Chong also has an Instagram account @realraedawnchong. Both Rae Dawn and Robbi are of similar age and were together since childhood. Both daughters are brought up together by Tommy and Maxine.

Maxine Sneed Chong Wiki Bio, Age and Single or Married

Maxine hails from a Black Canadian background with Cherokee descent.

She was born on September 21. Her information regarding birthplace and birth year is still missing. Even her information on parents is a mystery. Her age is a mystery as we do not know the year she was born. Based on our calculations, Maxine Sneed is about 70-75 years of age.

After the divorce with Tommy, Maxine hasn’t featured in the media. She entirely cut off from celebrity lifestyle and managed to live a normal day-to-day life. There hasn’t surfaced any rumors about Maxine dating another guy or even getting married.

As of today, she is single and will continue to live so. All we know of Maxine is that she loves writing and editing. She enjoys reading books. Maxine may still be working as a writer and editor for some unknown paper or magazine.

Nonetheless, Maxine experienced the life of a celebrity wife and evidently didn’t like it to the point that she didn’t even associate with other celebrity after the divorce around 47 years ago.