The Bachelorette Season 15: 30 Men Who Will Be Competing For Hannah Brown's Heart

How many of you have watched an American reality television dating game showThe Bachelorette? The show aired on ABC channel which spin-off...

by Celebtattler
The Bachelorette Season 15: 30 Men Who Will Be Competing For Hannah Brown's Heart

How many of you have watched an American reality television dating game showThe Bachelorette? The show aired on ABC channel which spin-off of The Bachelor that aired on the same network. Another Bachelorette season is back on the ABC but this year, the producers have chosen Hannah Brown who is a previous contestant on 'The Bachelor' from, Colton Underwood.

Hannah will be joined by 30 men and all of them coming on the show with the hopes of winning her heart. Let's see how many of them succeed to make a place for themselves on her heart. The Bachelorette Season 15 At first glance, this new season is pretty much like the previous seasons.

As usual, there is some repeated contestant name in the show. The show premiered on Monday, May 13, 2019. Meet The Bachelorette cast members including Hannah Brown. Below are all of the contestants’ names, ages, jobs, hometowns, a “fun fact” about them, and their Instagram handles.

It's a lot to take in, so here we go.

Hannah Brown

Hannah Brown is an American model, TV personality and former beauty pageant titleholder. The 24-year-old interior designer is from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. She was crowned Miss Alabama USA 2018 and competed in Miss USA 2018.

Hannah Brown She appeared as the eponymous lead in The Bachelorette season 15. Previously, she had placed in the top seven in season 23 of The Bachelor. During Colton Underwood's season of The Bachelor, Hannah opened up about sex.

She told Colton that he felt a lot of shame for a long time because she’s a devout Christian and had sex before marriage. The contestant names are below:

Brain Bowles

Cameron Ayala aka Cam

Cam Occupation: Software sales Age: 30 Hometown: Austin, Texas Instagram handle: @camronayala

Connor J Occupation: Sales manager Age: 28 Hometown: Newport Beach, California Instagram handle: @connorloo

Chasen Profession: Pilot Age: 30 Hometown: Ann Arbor, Michigan Instagram handle: @chasen_michael

Connor S.

Occupation: Investment analyst Age: 24 Hometown: Dallas, Texas Instagram handle: @consaelaway Favorite Singer: Justin Bieber

Daron Occupation: IT consultant Age: 25 Hometown: Buckhead, Georgia Instagram handle: @daronblaylock Afraid of: Spider

Dustin Kendrick

Dustin Occupation: Real estate broker Age: 30 Hometown: Chicago, Illinois Instagram handle: @dustinbkendrick Big Fan: Tony Robbins

Devin Occupation: Talent manager Age: 27 Hometown: Sherman Oaks, California Instagram handle: @devinharris

Dylan Barbour

Dylan Occupation: Tech entrepreneur Age: 30 Hometown: San Diego, California Instagram handle: @dylanbarbour

Garrett Powell

Garrett Occupation: Golf pro Age: 27 Hometown: Birmingham, Alabama Instagram handle: @rgarrett

Hunter Jones

Hunter Occupation: Pro surfer Age: 24 Hometown: Westchester, California Instagram handle: @hunterjoness

Grant Eckel

Grant Occupation: Unemployed Age: 30 Hometown: San Clemente, California Instagram handle: @grant_mann06

Joe Barsano

Joe Occupation: The Box King (works for his family’s cardboard box business) Age: 30 Hometown: Chicago, Illinois Instagram handle: @jbarsano

Jed Wyatt

Jed Occupation: Singer/Songwriter Age: 25 Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee Instagram handle: @jedwyatt

Joey Jones

Joey Occupation: Finance Manager Age: 33 Hometown: Bethesda, Maryland Instagram handle: @thejoeyjones

Jonathan Saunders

Jonathan Occupation: Server Age: 27 Hometown: Los Angeles, California Instagram handle: @jon.tha.don

John Paul Jones

John Paul Occupation: John Paul Jones Age: 24 Hometown: Lanham, Maryland Instagram: @johnpauljonesjohnpauljones,

Kevin Fortenberry

Kevin Occupation: Behavioral Health Specialist Age: 27 Hometown: Manteno, Illinois Instagram handle: @kevinjfortenberry

Luke Stone

Luke S.

Occupation: Political Consultant Age: 29 Hometown: Washington, D.C. Instagram handle: @lukestonedc

Luke Parker

Luke P. Occupation: Import/Export Manager Age: 24 Hometown: Gainesville, Georgia Instagram handle: @luke_parker777 Fan: Tim Tebow

Matt Donald

Matt Occupation: Medical Device Salesman Age: 26 Hometown: Los Gatos, California Instagram handle: @oldmattdonald22

Matthew Spraggins

Matthew Occupation: Car Bid Spotter Age: 23 Hometown: Newport Beach, California Instagram handle: @matthewspraggins_

Mike Johnson

Mike Occupation: Portfolio Manager Age: 31 Hometown: San Antonio, Texas Instagram handle: N/A

Matteo Valles


Occupation: Management Consultant Age: 25 Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia Instagram handle: @matteovalles

Peter Weber

Peter Occupation: Pilot Age: 27 Hometown: Westlake Village, California Instagram handle: @pilot_pete Nickname: Rose

Ryan Spirko

Ryan Occupation: Roller Boy Age: 25 Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Instagram handle: @ryanspirko

Thomas Staton

Thomas Occupation: International Pro Basketball Player Age: 27 Hometown: Detroit, Michigan Instagram handle: N/A

Scott Andersen

Scott Occupation: Software Sales Executive Age: 28 Hometown: Chicago, Illinois Instagram handle: N/A Fan: Kris Jenner

Tyler Cameron

Tyler C Occupation: General Contractor Age: 26 Hometown: Jupiter, Florida Instagram handle: @tylercameron3

Tyler Gwozdz

Tyler G Occupation: Psychology Graduate Student Age: 28 Hometown: Boca Raton, Florida Instagram handle: @tygwozdz