Mia Stammer: Bio, Career, and Net Worth

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Mia Stammer: Bio, Career, and Net Worth

Mia Stammer is a Japanese-American YouTube fashion and beauty blogger. Her videos are not only filled with beauty tutorials also uploaded videos that make you laugh. Mia Stammer has own beauty vlog named, MamaMiaMakeup which has over 4.4 million subscribers on YouTube.

Presently, YouTuber star is in a relationship with Kyle Hatch of the Wassabi Production team. Mia Stammer Mia Stammer


Mia Stammer was born on 1st August 1994 in Okinawa, Japan but later she moved to Los Angeles, USA. Her maiden name is Marie Stammer then she changed her name to Mia.

Mia is originally Japanese who got an American Citizenship and currently, she is residing in the USA. As a child, she always wanted to be a nurse, but now she makes a vlog and uploads videos on YouTube Channel.


Mia worked for three years in a small Japanese restaurant as a waitress.

One day she saw a video on YouTube and thought that she could also make the videos. Then she left her job and worked a full-time job on YouTube. She posted a photo on Instagram, showing off her new Yellow DIYs Hair https://www.instagram.com/p/Bj0G-FPnLbF/?taken-by=miastammer Mia always interested in hair and makeup, so she decided to make a tutorial video on it.

Mia Stammer joined YouTube channel on 21 September 2010 and started uploading a video on her channel, MamaMiaMakeup. She uploaded her first video on March 30, 2011. Mia Stammer was sixteen years old when she began uploading the videos on her Channel, and she was pretty awkward in her first video.

Mia uploaded a video on her YouTube which she titled “Miley Cyrus Long Waves hair Tutorial” in November 2013. Stammer also run another channel named Mia Stammer which she joined on 7th August 2013. Stammer is popular for funny skirts, DIYs, hair, beauty and fashion videos.

'Back to School: Then Vs Now,' 'My realistic morning routine' and 'ten things lazy people do' are the funny videos that you burst into a laugh. Mia Stammer personal Volg is filled with her daily activities likes grocery shopping, workout sessions, buying Christmas gifts and own shopping such as clothes, shoes, etc.

Mia Stammer Boyfriend, Kyle Hatch

Mia Stammer is dating a guy Kyle Hatch who is familiar with YouTube Channel named, Wassiba Production. Mia never kept her life secret and opened up about her relationship on the social page.

Kyle Hatch has over 36,037 subscribers his account on YouTube called Kyle Hatch. The couple has also appeared on YouTube videos together. https://youtu.be/KmXuaAdd-Jo?t=80 Despite her present relationship, Mia Stammer has dated the fellow Youtuber, Alex Denmon aka Rashnu and the duo broke up in 2015.

They had collaborated many videos together and also posted their picture on Instagram. Mia Stammer with her ex-boyfriend, Rashnu https://www.instagram.com/p/z_IBOzvftr/?hl=en After that, she began dating with another guy named Kiyoshi Muto and broke up in June 2016.

However, she managed her working schedule, but for sometimes she didn’t upload any video on her channel. Later, she was asked by her fans about what happened to her, and finally, she decided to talk about that topic. https://youtu.be/b0mCMtB8nyI?t=210 But now she is happier in spending quality time with her love, Kyle Hatch.

Net Worth

Mia is a YouTube sensation who has earned a massive amount of money through her Vlog. Mia Stammer estimated net worth is around $400k in 2018 and the upcoming year; she would increase her net worth more than now.

Mia Stammer Age, Height, and Weight

Mia Stammer is 28 years old. She has blonde DIY hair and attractive body. Her body measurement is 36-25-35, and her height is 5 feet 5 inches with 63 kg body weight.

Mia Stammer Social Profile

Besides, YouTube, she has massive fans followers more than 1 million on her Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook account.