Erebus Appoints Le Brocq as Brown's Supercars Successor

Shifts in Supercars Landscape: Teams and Drivers Navigate Changes

by Nouman Rasool
Erebus Appoints Le Brocq as Brown's Supercars Successor

Erebus Motorsport has unveiled its strategic move for the upcoming 2024 Supercars Championship season, with the announcement that Jack Le Brocq will be stepping into the team's roster. The decision comes as a response to the impending departure of Will Brown, who is set to join the Triple Eight Racing team.

This pivotal development follows today's earlier confirmation that Le Brocq will conclude his tenure at Matt Stone Racing at the conclusion of the ongoing campaign. The 31-year-old driver, who notably secured his second Supercars victory at Hidden Valley in June, has now solidified his position at Erebus alongside the reigning championship leader, Brodie Kostecki, setting the stage for an exciting partnership in the upcoming season.

This transition in the Supercars driver landscape is one of the latest in a series of interconnected changes, with the imminent shift of Shane van Gisbergen to the NASCAR sphere further reshaping the dynamics of the sport.

Le Brocq's history with Erebus runs deep, with his early career marked by his association with the Erebus Academy. He notably made his debut in the main game Supercars as an Erebus enduro co-driver in 2015. Erebus CEO Barry Ryan welcomed Le Brocq's return, expressing the team's enthusiasm for his joining: "We have witnessed Jack’s journey and some of his achievements firsthand, and we’re thrilled to welcome him back to the family."

Future Goals Amidst Current Pursuits

While the focus for Erebus is undoubtedly on Le Brocq's addition and the upcoming 2024 season, the current season is far from concluded.

Ryan emphasized that their immediate attention remains centered on securing both the drivers' and teams' championships in the ongoing campaign. Le Brocq himself reflected on the significance of reuniting with Erebus: "Erebus is a team that has been instrumental in my career, and I am excited to re-join them next season." He expressed his eagerness to contribute to Erebus' continued success in the upcoming year while remaining fully committed to his current team's endeavors for the rest of the 2023 season.

In a parallel development, the Supercars landscape is further shifting as Richie Stanaway enters the scene, poised to make a full-time return with Grove Racing. The complexities of this Supercars "silly season" are highlighted by the shuffle of drivers and teams, including David Reynolds' move to Team 18 and Scott Pye's upcoming replacement.

Erebus CEO Barry Ryan also provided insights into the departure of Will Brown, acknowledging the fierce rivalry between Erebus and Triple Eight. Ryan candidly described his feelings, comparing Brown's move to a child choosing to live with a rival family, while underscoring the professional nature of the transition and the enduring friendship.

The ever-evolving landscape of Supercars continues to intrigue fans and insiders alike, as teams adjust their lineups and strategies in pursuit of excellence in the sport. With Le Brocq's return to Erebus and other dynamic changes on the horizon, the stage is set for an enthralling 2024 Supercars Championship season.