Spy Shots: Mini Cooper EV Sports JCW Upgrades

Mini's electrified evolution showcases sportier, bolder design elements.

by Nouman Rasool
Spy Shots: Mini Cooper EV Sports JCW Upgrades

As the countdown to the debut of the next-generation Mini Cooper intensifies, enthusiasts have been treated to a tantalizing glimpse of what's in store. Our recent spy shots caught the electric Mini Cooper showcasing a John Cooper Works (JCW) trim, suggesting that Mini is taking the electrification game to a sportier level.

Sitting closer to the ground, the electric JCW variant radiates an aggressive demeanor. From its distinctive front fascia with a deep, sporty splitter, bolstered by a central support, to pronounced side sills, it's evident that this isn't just any ordinary Mini Cooper.

A particularly bold statement is made by the aggressive rear diffuser and the sizable roof spoiler, further reinforcing the car's sporty pedigree. Distinguishing it even further from its less fiery siblings, this electric Mini flaunts more extensive brakes artfully concealed behind its broader wheelset.

Such design elements not only boost its aesthetic appeal but also hint at the car’s advanced performance capabilities.

2024 Electric Cooper: Power Choices

Mini has dropped some intriguing hints regarding its 2024 Electric Cooper lineup.

Customers will have a choice between two battery packs: a 40.7-kilowatt hour and a heftier 54.2-kilowatt hour. With the former, the car is anticipated to churn out 181 horsepower, boasting an impressive estimated range of 186 miles in Europe.

On the other hand, the Cooper SE, drawing power from the larger battery, promises 215 hp and an even more commendable range of up to 249 miles. Buzz suggests that the JCW version will up the ante with a whopping 250 hp, although this power surge might compromise its range slightly.

All of these electric variants will be built on a dedicated platform dubbed 'Spotlight', a collaborative brainchild of BMW and Great Wall Motors. Inside, the car is set to impress with modern technological marvels. The centerpiece will be a massive 9.44-inch OLED display, strategically located in the dashboard's middle.

Curiously, the traditional instrument cluster seems to have been eschewed. In its stead, a transparent screen adorns the windshield's base, feeding essential drive data. Beyond serving standard infotainment purposes, this central screen will be pivotal in relaying crucial information like vehicle speed.

As Mini gears up for the official reveal later this year, the electric Mini Cooper, especially in its JCW trim, is poised to set the stage on fire.