Mouse-Infested Supercar: 2005 Ford GT Parked Outside for 5 Years

Rare 2005 Ford GT receives remarkable restoration after neglect

by Nouman Rasool
Mouse-Infested Supercar: 2005 Ford GT Parked Outside for 5 Years

In 2005, Ford unveiled the GT supercar as a tribute to its historic Le Mans victories in the 1960s and to celebrate the company's centennial milestone. Limited to just over 4,000 units, these rare gems quickly became highly sought-after collectibles in the automotive world.

That's precisely why the recent discovery of a 2005 Ford GT parked outside for years, showcased in a captivating video on Ammo NYC's YouTube channel, has garnered such attention and fascination. The 2005 Ford GT, adorned in a classic white hue with striking blue stripes, was once a prized possession of its owner, who tragically passed away.

Left to the elements, this supercar, with a mere 2,500 miles on its odometer, endured the ravages of time, resulting in weathered paint and an unfortunate mouse infestation that plagued its interior. Astonishingly, most Ford GTs live charmed lives, residing safely within garages and basking in the admiration of car enthusiasts at prestigious auto shows.

In top-notch condition, these vehicles command an impressive value, ranging from $380,000 to $430,000 in the market, with pristine examples even fetching upwards of $500,000, according to Hagerty's appraisal. Now, the son of the late GT owner has decided to honor his father's legacy by giving this once-majestic machine the attention it deserves, intending to prepare it for sale on Cars & Bids.

Neglected Beauty Revealed: Thorough Cleaning Unearths Hidden Grime

The restoration journey commences with a thorough cleaning process that entails vacuuming the front trunk (frunk) and power washing the engine bay and exterior.

The true extent of neglect becomes apparent as layers of dirt and debris are unearthed, reminiscent of an overgrown forest floor rather than the underbelly of a high-performance automobile. After countless hours of meticulous cleaning, scrubbing, and detailing, the transformation of the Ford GT is awe-inspiring.

Its exterior radiates newfound brilliance, reminiscent of its glory days. Accompanied by automotive influencer Doug DeMuro, the GT sets out on an exhilarating test drive, an experience that promises to stir both nostalgia and admiration.

Doug DeMuro, an esteemed owner of another Ford GT, attests to the model's drivability, having put 41,000 miles on his own car without major issues. Being a taller individual, he appreciates the comfort it offers during drives.

Nonetheless, he candidly points out two minor gripes - the potentially perilous doors and the seat's level of comfort. In the end, this revival story serves as a testament to the enduring allure of the 2005 Ford GT, a machine that effortlessly bridges the gap between the past and present, embodying a legacy of racing greatness and engineering brilliance.

With its second chance at life, this once-neglected supercar is destined to continue captivating hearts and minds, a rolling testament to the enduring passion of automotive enthusiasts.