Rare 1967 Ferrari 412P Raced at Spa 1,000 Kms: Auction Estimate $40M!

Legendary Ferrari's Journey: From Racing Triumph to Restoration Marvel

by Nouman Rasool
Rare 1967 Ferrari 412P Raced at Spa 1,000 Kms: Auction Estimate $40M!

The Ferrari 412P, an illustrious racing car that etched its mark on the 1960s motorsport landscape, stands as a testament to engineering brilliance and competition prowess. Introduced in 1967, this sleek marvel was purpose-built for endurance racing, its aerodynamic body meticulously crafted by Pininfarina.

Nestled within its frame lay a formidable V12 engine, churning out impressive horsepower and delivering breathtaking performance on the track. Draped in resplendent Italian racing red with a striking Cambridge blue nose, the 1967 Ferrari 412P Berlinetta emerged as a game-changer on the FIA World Championship stage.

It was procured by Col. Ronnie Hoare's Team, becoming one of two privateer 412P cars campaigned that year. Piloted by the skilled duo of Richard Attwood and Lucien Bianchi, it earned a commendable third place overall in the fiercely contested Belgian Spa 1,000 Kilometers, propelling Ferrari towards clinching the coveted 1967 World Championship of Makes title.

Following its triumph at Spa, Chassis 0854 continued its racing journey, leaving its indomitable trail at renowned events like the Le Mans 24-Hours and the Brands Hatch 6-Hour race in the United Kingdom. Subsequently acquired by the esteemed David Piper, the car continued its quest for glory, partaking in the Paris 1000 Kilometers, Kyalami 9-Hours, and Cape Town 3-Hours races in 1967.

Throughout 1968-1969, under Piper's stewardship, it triumphed in multiple races across Europe and South Africa, tasting victory at the Nuremberg 200 Kilometers, Solituderennen at Hockenheim, and the Swedish Grand Prix.

Illustrious Ownership and Restoration Journey

Over the years, the illustrious vehicle passed through the hands of several distinguished collectors, including Chris Cord, descendant of E.

L. Cord, the visionary founder of the Cord automobile company. Its storied lineage continued through the esteemed collections of Lord Anthony Bamford, Sir Paul Vestey, John McCaw, and Bruce McCaw, before ultimately arriving at the possession of its current owner.

Embarking on an exhaustive nine-year restoration journey, the car underwent meticulous refurbishment, bringing back its original bodywork and race livery from its days with Col. Ronnie Hoare's Team, reinstating its authentic racing glory.

Recognized as the customer version of the iconic 330 P3 race car, which gained cinematic fame in "Ford v. Ferrari," the Ferrari 412P exemplifies the pinnacle of sports car/GT endurance racing. Displaying its timeless appeal at this year's RM Sotheby's auction in Monterey, Chassis 0854 remains one of just two original 412P cars, distinguished from the rest, which were converted from P3 factory specifications.

Its faithful restoration has rendered it show-ready, captivating audiences across the United States with spirited demonstrations. As the Quail Auction nears, anticipation mounts for the auction's pièce de résistance, the legendary 1967 Ferrari 412P Berlinetta.

With its extraordinary history, rich racing pedigree, and meticulous restoration, experts project the iconic car to fetch a staggering $40 million, etching its name in the annals of automotive history and solidifying its status as a symbol of unparalleled racing heritage.

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