Accelerating Ahead: Acura Outpaces Lexus and Cadillac in Sales Growth

Acura's Revamped Lineup Sparks Excitement Among Luxury Car Enthusiasts.

by Nouman Rasool
Accelerating Ahead: Acura Outpaces Lexus and Cadillac in Sales Growth

Acura, once renowned for its high-tech luxury cars that offered exhilarating driving experiences at a more affordable price than its German rivals, had lost its distinct identity over time, blending in with the crowd of budget-friendly premium sedans and SUVs.

However, the brand's recent commitment to returning to its roots has proven to be a wise gamble, as evidenced by its remarkable sales growth that outpaces some of its luxury competitors. In 2023, Acura has witnessed a substantial surge in sales.

According to data from GoodCarBadCar, the brand's sales have grown by an impressive 39% compared to the same period in 2022. To put this into perspective, Acura had sold 52,860 vehicles by this point in 2022, whereas in 2023, that number has risen to 73,642 units.

Integra's Resurgence Drives Acura's Success

Several factors contribute to this impressive sales upswing, with the reintroduction of the Acura Integra being a significant catalyst. The Integra, serving as the brand's new entry-level sedan, replaces the outgoing ILX, which debuted in 2013 based on the Honda Civic.

The ILX, however, failed to capture the excitement and allure of earlier Acura compact sedans, particularly the revered Integra. Now, the Integra makes a comeback as a true-to-form sport sedan, boasting a sleek liftback design with ample cargo space, a spirited engine with an available manual transmission, and an exhilarating Type S model derived from the acclaimed Honda Civic Type R.

Acura's adept repackaging of the Integra as a modern compact luxury sedan has made it highly appealing to both enthusiasts and those seeking a premium sedan. Another contributing factor to Acura's sales growth is the expansion of its Type S family.

The introduction of Type S variants in the TLX midsize sedan and the popular MDX midsize SUV has generated substantial excitement around the Acura brand, further enhancing its appeal among performance-oriented enthusiasts.

While the overall luxury car market is experiencing sales growth due to improved supply chain conditions in 2023 compared to the previous year, not all brands are enjoying the same pace of growth. Acura's closest rivals in the luxury car market, namely Lexus and Cadillac, are lagging behind in terms of sales growth.

While Acura's sales have surged by 39%, Lexus has only grown by 13%, and Cadillac by 21%. It is important to note that despite Acura's impressive growth, Lexus continues to outsell the brand in total volume, having sold 149,413 units in 2023 thus far, primarily driven by the popularity of the RX midsize SUV—the best-selling luxury vehicle in America.

Meanwhile, Acura's sales figures of 73,642 units are nearly on par with Cadillac's 75,197 units, indicating a noteworthy narrowing of the gap between the two brands. Furthermore, Acura has managed to outperform non-German luxury brands such as Infiniti, Genesis, and Lincoln, although Infiniti has experienced a notable 48% growth in sales.

However, it comes as no surprise that German luxury brands like BMW and Audi still maintain a substantial lead over Acura in terms of overall sales. While surpassing Lexus in sales may not be an immediate expectation, Acura's impressive sales growth in 2023 showcases the brand's resurgence and reaffirms its position in the luxury car market.