Upcoming Supercar Superlicence Changes

Supercars Opens Doors for Promising Drivers at Bathurst 1000

by Nouman Rasool
Upcoming Supercar Superlicence Changes

Supercars has modified its super license requirements to accommodate two wildcard entries for the upcoming Bathurst 1000. Drivers must participate in at least six Super2 events or possess an FIA Gold rating or higher to be eligible for a Super license.

However, a recent decision by the Supercars Commission has paved the way for alterations to these prerequisites. Under the revised regulations, drivers who achieve a top-three finish in Carrera Cup or Super3 must only complete three Super2 appearances to qualify for a Super license.

While the Supercars Commission has agreed upon this adjustment, it is yet to receive final approval from the Supercars Board before becoming official. Blanchard Racing Team (BRT) and Dick Johnson Racing (DJR) have been granted wildcard applications by the Commission.

However, their ability to field their preferred drivers at the Bathurst 1000 hinges on implementing this new rule. BRT plans to introduce an additional Mustang, with Aaron Love, the reigning Carrera Cup champion, as the likely driver.

Love is amid his debut Super2 campaign, having already participated in three rounds. He would now qualify under the revised system despite failing to meet the aforementioned super license criteria.

Kai Allen: Rising Star Eyes Bathurst 1000 Wildcard

Likewise, Kai Allen, who clinched the Super3 title last year and subsequently graduated to Super2 with Eggleston Motorsport this year, is in line to pilot DJR's first-ever Bathurst 1000 wildcard entry.

Allen recently claimed his first victory in the second-tier championship in Townsville and secured a second-place finish today. These accomplishments, coupled with the updated super license requirements, would grant him the opportunity to compete at the prestigious Bathurst event.

The super license system has already made headlines this year, as Joey Mawson faced a race against time to secure approval to join PremiAir Racing for the Supercars enduros. Despite lacking Super2 experience, Mawson boasts an impressive track record both domestically and internationally, including back-to-back titles in the S5000 Gold Star series.

Supercars is reportedly working on elevating his FIA status to ensure his participation in the enduro races alongside Tim Slade. As the Supercars Commission awaits the final endorsement of the revised super license regulations by the Supercars Board, anticipation builds for the inclusion of wildcard entries from BRT and DJR at the Bathurst 1000.

These adjustments aim to enhance opportunities for talented drivers emerging from Carrera Cup and Super3, contributing to the overall excitement and competitiveness of the event.