Peugeot's Hypercar is Ready to Challenge Aston Martin Valkyrie


Peugeot's Hypercar is Ready to Challenge Aston Martin Valkyrie
Peugeot's Hypercar is Ready to Challenge Aston Martin Valkyrie

In an exciting development for motoring enthusiasts, French automobile manufacturer Peugeot has hinted at the potential for a road version of its esteemed 9X8 racing hypercar. Linda Jackson, the company's director, discussed this tantalizing possibility during a recent interview with Top Gear magazine.

From Racing Tracks to City Streets: A Real Possibility

The Le Mans Hypercar rules have long been a source of speculation, especially regarding the requirement for equivalent road-legal versions. This ambiguity stoked rumors that Peugeot would be compelled to offer a road-legal 9X8, which has not materialized thus far.

The company had refrained from making any firm commitments towards producing road versions of their racing hypercar. But hope persists for car aficionados around the world. The potential of the 9X8 gracing public streets is very real, contingent on the appetites of prosperous auto enthusiasts.

According to Jackson, the prospect of a road-legal 9X8 is legitimate, assuming that an interested party approaches Peugeot with an unrestricted budget. As yet, no such customer has emerged, and Peugeot hasn't begun development for road use of the hypercar.

However, Jackson's statements might stimulate interest in this rare, exhilarating opportunity.

A Potential Challenger to the Aston Martin Valkyrie?

When probed about the possibility of transforming the 9X8 into a genuine competitor for the likes of the Aston Martin Valkyrie, Jackson initially appeared dismissive. “No.

It’s not in the pipeline,” she asserted. But she left the door open with her next statement: “If you’re going to come with a blank cheque we can always talk”. Jackson expressed that the notion isn't entirely off the table. “It’s one of these things where if somebody were to come along then why not? But nobody has come along yet.

Maybe I’ve opened the door now? We might have somebody come along, you never know,” she suggested.

A Long-Awaited Flagship for Peugeot?

Should the 9X8 find its way onto the open road, it would end a long-standing wait for Peugeot.

The automaker has hinted at the production of a high-performance flagship model for decades. Its parent company, Stellantis, has rolled out an array of intriguing concept cars over the years, yet none of these potential flagships have made it past the concept stage.

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