The Vision One-Eleven: Mercedes Revives the Legendary C111 Prototype


The Vision One-Eleven: Mercedes Revives the Legendary C111 Prototype
The Vision One-Eleven: Mercedes Revives the Legendary C111 Prototype

In the realm of the automotive industry, few marquees match the exceptional prowess and innovative spirit of Mercedes-Benz. In a spectacular demonstration of this unwavering dedication to creativity and cutting-edge technology, Mercedes has unveiled its latest brainchild, the Vision One-Eleven.

Reimagining the Iconic C111

Positioned as an alluring concept model, the Vision One-Eleven pays homage to the legendary C111, Mercedes' experimental prototype from 1970. This creation is the labor of love of an international team of designers based in California who have meticulously incorporated a myriad of details into the ultra-sleek body of the new model.

The result is an exquisite juxtaposition of past and present that perfectly encapsulates Mercedes' rich history of exploration and innovation. The original C111, now over five decades old, emerged as a boundary-pushing experimental model that was ahead of its time.

This audacious prototype was brought to life in just 16 copies, each exploring a range of powertrain options and technical advancements. The C111's mid-mounted engines varied from petrol to diesel, with a unique Wankel option in the mix.

Notably, the most powerful variant, driven by a 4.8-litre V8 turbo petrol engine, achieved a staggering speed exceeding 400 km/h at the Nardò test track.

Unfulfilled Dreams and New Promises

In a similar vein, Mercedes had introduced the pre-production C112 model, a spiritual successor to the C111, at the Frankfurt Motor Show 21 years later.

Equipped with a mighty 6-liter V12 engine, the new model sparked an avalanche of interest, attracting 700 eager customers who paid an advance for the promised production edition. However, the dreams of those customers were dashed when the Stuttgart-based automaker chose to abort the project, returning the deposits instead.

The Vision One-Eleven, however, signals a shift in Mercedes' approach. Though there are no definitive plans to mass-produce this attractive model, it is powered by four YASA electric motors that collectively churn out nearly 2,000 horsepower.

This marks a significant departure from the brand's traditional engine options, heralding a new era for Mercedes where power and sustainability go hand in hand. The Vision One-Eleven, with its sleek form, distinctive "gullwing" doors, and electrifying power, beautifully showcases the relentless spirit of innovation that defines Mercedes. It is a powerful testament to the past and a thrilling window into the future of automotive technology.