The Power-Packed Ferrari Enzo Gets a New Look and More Power


The Power-Packed Ferrari Enzo Gets a New Look and More Power
The Power-Packed Ferrari Enzo Gets a New Look and More Power

The Ferrari Enzo, named after the founder of the esteemed Italian brand, stands among the finest gems in the crown of Maranello's automotive creations. In a radical twist, a Japanese tuner has given this iconic car a jaw-dropping upgrade, boosting both its aesthetics and raw power.

Revving Up the Horsepower

Behind the spectacular transformation is a man named Ide-san from the Iding Power tuning workshop. Recently featured in an interview on the Dino DC YouTube channel, he unveiled a Ferrari Enzo more robust than ever before.

It's a testament to the potential within the classic machine, one that's ready to rip through the streets of Tokyo. The heart of this revamp lies in the amplification of Ferrari's signature 6.0-liter F140B naturally aspirated V12 engine.

Enhanced to a stunning 6.3-liters, it has been gifted an additional 40 horsepower and 19 Nm of torque. The result? The Iding Power F-07 Ferrari Enzo, a formidable beast boasting nearly 700 horsepower "under the hood".

Aesthetic Revisions and Handling Improvements

Aesthetically, the car received an impressive upgrade.

Ide-san equipped it with 20-inch magnesium rims, which, despite being larger, are lighter than the standard 19-inch factory rims by a surprising 2.5 kg. According to Ide-san, this modification has substantially improved the vehicle's handling.

Further modifications include redesigned headlights, similar to those on the revered Ferrari LaFerrari, and a black roof borrowed from its successor. Additional changes such as black door sills, a front lip spoiler, and camera-replaced side mirrors give this Enzo a sleek, modern appeal.

Ide-san's creative redesign extended to the rear, where a bumper with horizontal slats is reminiscent of the classic Ferrari Daytona SP3 and Testarossa models. This was further enhanced with a 3D-printed grille housing two centrally located exhaust tips and hood vents for improved cooling.

The Challenge of Cooling

Despite the innovative enhancements, Ide-san admitted to facing some challenges. The primary concern? Cooling down the supercar, especially during congested summer traffic. Dissatisfied with the factory cooling system, he's determined to upgrade the two coolers located at the front—an anticipated next step in this ongoing project.

A decade of dedication underpins Ide-san's work on the Ferrari Enzo, with a strong emphasis on quality over cost. His audacious transformation of this classic car symbolizes the infinite potential within the realm of automotive design, boldly challenging the boundaries of innovation and aesthetic appeal.