Pit26 Unveils an All-Terrain Powerhouse: The Modified Mercedes G63 Pickup


Pit26 Unveils an All-Terrain Powerhouse: The Modified Mercedes G63 Pickup
Pit26 Unveils an All-Terrain Powerhouse: The Modified Mercedes G63 Pickup

Renowned American tuning company, Pit26, has hit the motor industry news cycle once again, this time with a surprising twist on an iconic SUV. It has released a cutting-edge modification, transforming the powerful Mercedes G63 into a versatile and rugged pickup truck, perfect for both city streets and the backcountry.

Pushing the Boundaries with Pit26's Latest Offer

The G63, now crafted into a pickup, retains its formidable 4.0-liter V8 biturbo engine, delivering a whopping 577 horsepower and 850 Nm of torque. The tweaks, however, lie in the details — and they're substantial.

Pit26 engineers strategically sliced the SUV in half behind the rear seats, elongated the chassis, and incorporated cargo space, thus birthing a vehicle capable of ferrying both passengers and hefty loads. Going beyond the traditional, Pit26 added portal axles to elevate the ride height by a full 150mm.

The inclusion of Bilstein shocks and springs, along with 18-inch wheels shod in Toyo off-road tires encased within newly expanded wheel arches, further sets the modified G63 apart from its peers. Pit26 has reinvented the G63's steps, front bumper, and undercarriage protection with a singular vision: to conquer any terrain it faces.

For those adventurous souls who dare to venture where even this beast might fear to tread, an onboard winch stands ready to rescue the pickup should it find itself in a fix.

An All-Terrain Pickup With Extra Perks

The modified G63 doesn’t skimp on extras either.

The model displayed in the promotional photographs showcases roof racks and additional lights, proving its worth as a versatile all-rounder for everyday use and occasional adventures. Nestled at the back, a carrier is tailor-made for two bicycles, doubling up as storage for an array of tools, axes, shovels, and even chainsaws.

To cater to the more adventurous, Pit26 has thoughtfully added an adapter for setting up a mini tent — a nod to the wanderlust-stricken explorers who appreciate the convenience of a mobile camping setup. If this novel mix of performance, power, and practicality piques your interest, prepare to dig deep.

Pit26 has priced the modified Mercedes G63 pickup at a cool $385,000. For those seeking an off-road warrior that doesn't compromise on luxury, this beast of a machine might just be the investment worth making.