Cam Waters Details Supercars Exit After Darwin Blaze

Unpredictable drama unfolds at Supercars race in Hidden Valley.

by Nouman Rasool
Cam Waters Details Supercars Exit After Darwin Blaze

In an unexpected turn of events, Cameron Waters, a driver for Tickford Racing, anticipates considerable damage to his Ford Mustang after a fiery exit from the first Supercars race of the weekend at Hidden Valley. His premature departure was a shock, especially given his promising start to the race.

Having secured his first pole position of the season, Waters held an authoritative position from the get-go. His well-executed start and control in the initial phase of the 35-lap sprint encounter had everyone believing it was his day.

Unfortunately, the jubilation was short-lived as disaster struck on the fifth lap.

Fiery Blaze Halts Waters' Race

A fire erupted unexpectedly in Waters' Mustang's footwell just as he approached the first turn. To his and the spectators' horror, the fire rapidly engulfed the car's front end.

Spectacular, albeit frightening, tongues of flame were soon visible, compelling Waters to halt his race and park his car by the road. The incident spelled the end of Waters' race and left the Tickford Racing team in a scramble to restore the car before the remaining two races in Darwin could commence.

Waters expressed his frustration over the unfortunate event by sharing his thoughts with the Supercars broadcast team. "I'm alright, just pissed off, to be honest, but it is what it is," he stated. Waters felt confident about his performance before the fire, noting, "I got a perfect start and was looking after the tires, and the car was feeling good." Recounting the moments leading to his dramatic exit, Waters explained, "Going down the front-straight, I had a fire in the footwell, which wasn't good...the engine shut off, and I had a long pedal, and there was fire everywhere." He noticed something odd with the bonnet but mistook it for hitting something.

The prompt response of the marshalls and Supercars safety crews is to be commended. Nevertheless, Waters believes the car will need significant repairs, stating, "The marshalls were great...but there will be a fair bit of damage." This incident underlines the unpredictable and intense nature of Supercars racing, where a mere spark separates triumph and disaster