Audi Revamps the A6 and A7: More Than Just a New Coat of Paint

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Audi Revamps the A6 and A7: More Than Just a New Coat of Paint
Audi Revamps the A6 and A7: More Than Just a New Coat of Paint

Audi AG, the celebrated automaker from Ingolstadt, Germany, is once again creating waves in the automobile industry with their latest announcement. The company is setting the stage to roll out the slightly redesigned versions of its popular A6 and A7 models, vowing that these new iterations will make a convincing case for their relevance amidst a fiercely competitive market.

Exteriors Reimagined

Externally, the changes are both subtle and striking. The reinvigorated models will boast an additional 12 body colors, augmenting the suite of options for prospective buyers. Enhancements are also noticeable in the redesigned bumpers and radiator grilles, bringing an updated feel to these established models without drastically altering their classic profiles.

Additionally, newly crafted rims are introduced, with sizes ranging from 19 to 21 inches, further customizing the models' aesthetic appeal. While the aesthetic updates are indeed significant, Audi remains committed to providing a range of choices in body styles.

European customers can look forward to the revamped A6 in both limousine and wagon body styles, ensuring continued versatility. The A6 allroad, known for its practical design and optimal elevation, remains a fixture in the line-up.

Meanwhile, the A7 Sportback presents a blend of practicality and style, with its body showcasing a notably accented fifth door.

Infusing Freshness into the Sport Variants

Audi is equally devoted to the revitalization of its sports versions, as seen in the S6 and S7 models.

The company has prepared eight new combinations of colors and materials for the cabin, infusing a renewed sense of luxury and distinction into the driving experience. Despite these exterior and interior refreshes, it's business as usual under the hood.

The redesigned versions will continue to be powered by the reliable four- and six-cylinder turbopetrol and turbodiesel engines. For those seeking more power, the top-of-the-line 2.9-liter biturbo V6 engine (offering 444 horsepower) remains the heart of the S6/S7 models.

On the Horizon

Customers eager to experience these refreshed models won't have long to wait, as Audi plans to have these updated versions in showrooms before the end of the year.